Father Son Watch (2017 onwards)

“In a final act of petulance, post advice his contract wouldnt be renewed as list manager at the completion of the 2027 draft, Adrian Dodoro has passed on Father Son and predicted #1st selection Koby Bewick. Instead drafting half back flanker Manute Bol Jr, standing 307cm & 39kgs”


Surely he is better than just in the State?

He was also singled out for praise by Sheedy saying that his skill at bouncing the ball while running at full pace was exceptional. He told the presser that it is an under-rated skill - it may look easy to the crowds, but is very difficult.


I actually coached against Nick Daicos and many other 1st round picks in the under 14s and 15s.

Nick wasn’t the best Jnr I coached against. Will Philips was. And there were a few others we all thought were best that didn’t get drafted.

Of the boys I coached I’ve had a pick 6 and several other drafted players. None were as good as Nick though.


Is he likely to be playing NAB League at 16?

Yep, he will very likely play with Calder Cannons 16s next year and be eligible to play Vic Metro 16s. Daicos sat out those commitments in his 15s and 16s year but I doubt Koby does.


Will he play the u15s state champs next year?

Very likely, he was the captain of the under 12s Vic squad.


That’s only because you never saw me kick a footy.


We need to build our next team around Bewick.

I have done a best 22 based on when Bewick hits his prime, say 23 for a mid.

Backs. ? ? ?
H Backs ? ? ?
W. ? ? Martin
HF. ? ? Perkins
F. ? ? ?
Rucks. ? ? Bewick

Few gaps


You have Martin in the wrong position.

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Premiership winning team right there!

Only lacks Wolf Odin Watson and River Stringer!

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Is there really a River Stringer? Sounds like a fly-fishing lure.


Well that’s one thing he’s got over his Dad already

Has he got the holy grail for us… if not delist pls

You wait for the afl to change the rule for father sons that year that they can’t be matched in the top 20 or something ridiculous


So what year will the AFL cancel the father son?

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Probably the same year Essendon supporters lose their grievance culture.

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I think academys will change before father son.

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When Darren Bewicks son is eligible.
Probably change it to 250 games plus that year

then after furore from public change it back to 100 games the year after.

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