Father Son Watch (2017 onwards)

Jacob Lloyd and Nason Lovett Murray both made the Victorian State squad under 12s. Usually a good sign when you make that side, been plenty of superstar players make that squad. Darcy Wilson and Harley Reid as recent examples


Some of that on the Essendon side, to be fair, is that we have an unrivalled ability to have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad season, but finish mid table and get nothing from it. The swans may well have packed it in and all but tanked in 2020, but we had one of the most toxic disgusting years a club has had in recent years and managed to get to 13th. We could have easily given up and got ourselves picks 3 and 4 that draft. It’s not the swans’ fault we’re idiots.


Lawry is horrified by this free flowing mane.

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Why has his dog latched onto his head?


Would be nice to get a bit of luck in the father son, do we know much about them in terms of where they play

Jacob Lloyd our new messiah?

Not sure but was talking to a work colleague who has a son that plays in that comp and apparently Noah is not even in the top few players in that under 18 side. Well at least he wasn’t last year according to him/son, it’s stacked with Falcons. I’ve had no updates this year.

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Well done Jacob.


For the love of GO’D and all things Houli, I hope he can kick straight like his old man


Please be at least 197cm forward that kicks straight that should go pick one no pressure


From Facebook


Is Nason not a son of NLM ?


Seems he has chosen to take his uncles last name in that case, might be something going on there or maybe took the mums last name

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He is not in the last JHA Academy newsletter. Mara Lovett Murray is, but not Nason.

How on earth do you select a under 12 Victoria team? Or are they hand picked from Melbourne private schools/parents with money to burn? The very concept of picking this 10-11 year old boy is better than that one seems absurd at that age.


Far out so we have gone from a potential F/S, to not having access over him, to now finding out Carlton having access to him instead :sob:


This is a gee up surely

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I think the Auskick program keeps an eye out, and word filters up the chain. There’s probably a bit of a bias towards the big footy schools, but it probably matters more the level of connections and respect your local Auskick people have. Kids are streamed into the elite pathways quite early, and this has been happening for a long time. I’m pretty sure Cotchin and Cyril were on the same u12 all Aust team at some point, for instance.

Doesn’t mean that if you’re a late bloomer they won’t find you as you get older, of course.

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I was walking my dog near an oval close by last week, and stopped to watch these kids playing footy. It was a school, split into two teams with separate coaches. They were around the age 11 mark, mixed gender. They played as you would expect - lots of chook-running to the ball, fluffed marks, shanked kicks, etc. All except two kids on the same team. One was decent - had a good kick, took a couple of marks, scored a few goals. And then there was this…all I can think of is ‘prodigy’. He was a skinny lad with a ponytail. Mid-height for the age. He played - everywhere.

Firstly ruck, where he tapped every single ball with his great spring. He would mostly clear it out of center himself, directing players as he burst away. He laced up forwards constantly - snaps from the forward pocket, straight-up deliveries from the square - he hit everything he aimed at. He raced back into defense and spoiled everything. He had , well, countless scores. No one could catch him. Was switched to the other team and back again several times. I was just agape. The kid looked like a freakin star, and I stayed for the entire game.

Some kids are just special.


Then Bewick Junior came on, and pantsed him.