Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Could the three generations accumulate 1000 games between them?

(Just had a little rush of self awareness… wow…)


MiniFletch with a good game yesterday, named in the best and )talked up by the Cannons twitter account - albeit in a side that let through 31 scoring shots and had its score doubled…


Thanks for the update.
Do you know what position he played?



Mason Fletcher a standout in Calder Cannons’ opening round TAC Cup loss to Eastern Ranges
Tim Michell, Moonee Valley Leader
March 27, 2017 11:07am
THE son of Essendon’s games record holder provided Bombers fans with a glimpse of the future in Calder Cannons’ TAC Cup opener on Friday night.

Dustin Fletcher’s son Mason, who turns 17 next month, was a shining light in defence during the Cannons’ 15.16 (106) to 7.10 (52) loss against Eastern Ranges at Highgate Reserve.

Fletcher, who plays junior football for Aberfeldie, was a strong presence in the air against an Eastern Ranges forward line led by potential No.1 draft pick Jaidyn Stephenson.

Western Bulldogs champion Scott West was also an interested onlooker as his son Rhylee made his maiden TAC Cup appearance for Calder.

“Our backs were under pressure, but I think it is in the blood with Fletch that he knows where to go and how to read the play,” Cannons coach Andrew Johnston said.

“When to go, when to stay, when to help. All those sorts of things.

“Sometimes you can’t teach that, it’s just natural. It was really pleasing that he was able to show that.”

“If we could have had two or three Curtises up forward it would have been great and probably another one of Fletcher down back it would have been really good as well.”

Stephenson was electric in the opening term, bagging four goals as Eastern established a 25-point quarter-time lead.

The visitors controlled the game from that point, withstanding a second-quarter surge from Calder to triumph by 54 points.

Johnston said the Cannons, who fielded 13 debutants, had been given an indication of the level they needed to reach to match the competition’s best sides.

Fletcher, who stands at 197cm, was named one of Calder’s best two players alongside another debutant — Keilor senior premiership player Curtis Taylor.

Taylor booted three goals and was a constant concern for the Ranges’ defence.

“They were great, really good,” Johnston said.

“We knew coming into the game that they’re probably the team to beat in 2017,” he said.

“They have got some very special, skilful players and we have got to be honest, an inexperienced lot.

“(They) are going to be good in time, we showed in that second quarter that our best is probably good enough.”

Calder is at home again in Round 2, facing Western Jets from 10am on Saturday.


I really don’t like using the points matching system for F/S picks, because it makes teams weigh up romance against practicality in a way that they shouldn’t have to. Obviously it’s a loooong way off and who knows whether he’ll even be a draft possibility, but imagine if at the end of next year we have Hurley, Hartley, Ambrose, Brown, Francis, (maybe Ridley too?) and get asked to match a top 5 bid for a key defender. Of course you match, because it’s baby Fletch, but it’s a ■■■■ position to be in.


Not really. If we have pick #18 and he’s worth a top 5 pick of course you jump at it!


Except it would be pick 18, 36, and 54 to match the bid. And you’d still do it, but it wouldn’t be the best list management option.


I was being tongue in cheek. But the reality is you would still jump at it. Any tall drafted in 2018 won’t be ready until at least 2021. Do you know how old our best talls will be then?


Yep, timing is actually perfect, Max follows two years after that and is pretty good too they tell me.


Our current two best talls will still be on their current contracts in 2021, so hopefully they’re still good.

Edit. I agree that it wouldn’t be the worst possible timing, but it shouldn’t ever be a concern.

Edit Edit: if GWS have a high rated academy prospect that doesn’t match their list management requirements, they can just not take him and nobody (except maybe the kid. Maybe) will care. If we let a baby Fletch or little Hirdy go to another club, that would be horrible. I just don’t think they should be treated the same.


I’m not saying that FS shouldn’t get a bigger discount. But it is 10% and you can get the player through later picks if you trade out. It’s not really something to whine about.


It’s 20% actually.


A tiny bit of Mason Fletcher


That’s eery.


In the match review, Harvey mentioned Roger Merrett and Che Cockatoo-Collins boys as potential father son recruits. He had a few Ales with his old playing mates.

last i heard about Che - was that one of his boys quit over racial vilification (from memory). He was a talented junior. He only played 85 games so boys not eligible under father son.


Mason has the exact same broad shoulder hunch and long limbs as his father. Give him a haircut and you’d believe it was a young Dustin.


I have a mate who is an assistant coach at a TAC club and I asked him about Mason.

He said that he has the same marking and spoiling timing that his Dad had, and he reads the play equally as well. He’s obviously tall and he said we’ll have to take him FS because as Fletch’s son he is likely to develop beautifully.

Exciting times ahead.


3 generations of players. fkg nuts.


Seeing that was like seeing baby groot at the end of guardians of the galaxy


Being that tall, son of Dustin and with some obvious ability. He’ll definetly be taken by us as father son.