Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


@the_don1 it looks like we’re in the tank. Who’s your pick for a top 3 pick?

Tanking for rankine?
Attrocious for lukocious?
Sinking for king?


Cresswell talking on the radio about Mathew Neagle. He says the kid has filled out and playing really well up on the Murray. Cresswell was really pumping up his tyres, saying he would be AFL ready this year.


Can’t think of a funny name but if we had a top 3 pick I’d go with Sam Walsh. Just what our midfield needs a classy user with an elite work rate who can play inside and outside, a quicker version of McCluggage


Thanks, do you have any insight into the SA boys, or should i be pinging @Aceman ?


Izak Rankine would be my first pick by a country mile. The kid has star written all over him.

Lukosias, King x 2 for bigs


Their has been rumours of poor attitude with Rankine and I feel he could be another Wingard in refusing to travel. An early 3 week suspension isn’t ideal especially coming from a practise match


I have a good idea on guys like Lukosius, Rankine, Hately, Rozee, Lewis, Valente and Munn, I’m not sure how much aceman hasn’t seen though


Fair enough. Ace is Adelaide so usually has a thing or 2 to throw in.

Has Walsh bulked up since last year? Looked very slender.


Not really I think the weight he is at now is perfect for him, didn’t look out bodied against the north VFL if that tells you anything


Actually tells me a lot. For mine a huge worry of the Victorian draftees is lack of exposure to state league footy. Pretty much allays my worries with him.


He is a round 1 certainty for any club that drafts him


article on the davey twins.

twin gun sons!


See ya Tex, we don’t want or need ya.


How many times have we said, “I wish we had two of *****”

Good times.


There’s 4 of them. That’s the flanks sorted for a decade.


Twin CHFs?


Already am …


Twin Towers


Been excited ever since that footage of the kids doing dribble goals through doors in the team rooms.

Not noted in the article is that Alwyn played the last four games of 2013 to get to 100 games… a draft rule change is coming up!


Hype on these lads is real, it’s not fluff. A few of my very knowledgeable people at those kick start games practically set my phone ablaze with hype whenever either Davey went near it.

Tadpoles, but tracking very well. Getting some footage sent to me later this week, I’ll rip some and post it if I’m allowed.

Mums a reasonable height so look to these lads to get up around 180cms