Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Actually, I don’t think that will happen, all clubs very happy with the 100 game rule, so is the AFL


I look forward to the AFL expanding the “1 first round academy pick” rule to include F/S picks in 2021.


Here is the snap, as far as I can tell they qualify for us as both F/S and academy


Ah, so the AFL will make us match the bid twice.


Probably 4 times, there is two of them


fast forward to draft day.


imagibe the chemistry of the twins in our forward 50. pulling out crumbing party tricks all day long.

throw in joe dan lobbing goals from 70 out. McKenna and Saad speeding outta the backline so fast your head would spin…

EFC…the aussie rules equivalent of the harlem globetrotters. :rofl:


Four Davey’s in one team, that would be something.

Walla will be in the side as the elder statesman.

Dreamtime at the 'G.


You know what would be super weird, Jake Long and Yestin Eades aside, froggy’s sons might be the first indigenous guys we draft between when he retired and when they arrive


and walla…


So apart from the other indigenous guys, they’ll be the first! Righto then …


Yestin was in the main draft, but both Jake and Walla the rookie draft.

Are you giving up on your theory about the Thatcher’s in Zerk-Thatcher’s home area?


What rule is that? Like a Heeney rule?



I’m having Deja Vu, …:wink:


Yeah, they changed the rules last year so that if you finish top 4 you can only match one academy bid in the top 20, top 8 two bids, outside the 8 any number of bids. I’m 90% sure that doesn’t apply to F/S bids.


Anthony Long?


Isn’t Lavender partly indigenous?


The aqueduct?


He was drafted before Davey retired.