Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


I reckon gws shouldn’t get any. All the kids develop at Victorian boarding schools anyway.


The Davey twins are the same age as Alex Hird, Tex Wanganeen (not holding my breath for him), Josh Misiti and Nwayi Moore (NatRat’s son). Could be an interesting draft year!
(Not sure how good any of them are at footy.)


It’s all third hand info, but I’ve heard some good things about NLMs young bloke.


He has 3 hands you say?? Interesting indeed…:thinking:


Pumped for the Davey twins. And the following two. Looks like we will go from a big drought of small forwards to a plethora.


Future boxing champion?


They are still young. They all probably have some growth left in them.


People on this forum were complaining that we gifted Davey 100 games.

People have rocks in their head to think we shouldn’t have gotten him to 100. He already had 3 boys at that stage. The toddler twins were doing some amazing stuff for their age. You’d even watch them running around at the VFL games kicking the footy.

IMO he deserved to play more in that final year, and possibly offered a new contract.


The Darwin-based, 14-year-old identical twins of former 100-game Essendon speedster Alwyn ‘Froggy’ Davey have turned heads with their football talent in Sydney this week.

Twins who kick naturally with opposite feet ? Clearly NOT IDENTICAL


“They all look alike”?

Would be really annoying playing against twins who kick on opposite sides, you wouldn’t know how to corral them without seeing the number.


Inigo: I admit it: you are better than I am!
Man in Black: Then why are you smiling?
Inigo: Because I know something you don’t know.
Man in Black: And what is that?
Inigo: I am not left handed!


One of Froggys boys is a mid


That is brilliant, should give them similar numbers like 33 and 38 so even from behind they would have to think about it, even better they could swap jumpers and really confuse matters, not even a DNA test would tell them apart.

Maybe we should clone a right footed David Myers while we are at it.


Even better.




Decent size for 14 too, what is Demps? 187?


Good to see Courtenay getting into coaching too


Ok kids this is how you rainbow flick a footy.


Good looking boys :slight_smile:


Not sure which is which but the one on the right looks the most like Alwyn

Nice little pic from years back