Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Yeah he was listed at 187cm. So that would put them at roughly 167 at the moment? They’ll have their old man covered within a year, two at most :smiley:


Update on AFL site of who is who across the clubs:


if we get noah caracella then there might be a chance that blake comes down


Well this sucks


It sucks for him but good for us. If(when) we draft him we can use a late pick on him.

If he tore it up and other clubs bid on him we would maybe have to give up our first round pick.


Not great for the kid, growing pains?


How convenient. “Hi other clubs, nothing to see here. Kid is going to suck. Injury prone. Best go and recruit elsewhere.”


Well we couldn’t go with “Groin Issues” again, could we?


Although he was rated no more than a chance for a rookie spot. We are falling all over the Fletcher name, but so far all he is is a very, very skinny kid who has shown not very much. I would have rather taken him as a rookie this year and given him a few years to develop with us to see what he would eventually have. This potentially allows him to develop while still being within reach of other clubs.


Best case for us last pick in the Draft or FS Rookie pick?


just take a late selection into the draft and recruit him with that, expecting no one to bid, given injury.
Sounds a bit like Longs final under 18 year, will take time.
Because he is a KPP, wouldnt risk waiting until the rookie draft IMO. And would hate for him to be drafted somewhere else.


Forget draft picks and the bid system. You want your father-son ready to go.

It’s not convenient to have players miss a vital part of their development because of injury.

I’d much rather hear that one of our boys is set to be a first round pick, rather one of them miss a majority of their football in final year of TAC cup.
Jake Long is a perfect example. Was one of the top under 16 players in the country. For what ever reason, he wound down on playing football as his draft age got closer. He’s been playing catch up ever since.


Its a bit of an either/or situation. If someone bids late in the draft you match them, otherwise you can take him as a Father/Son Rookie before the Rookie draft.


Injury and school


It’s a bonus, 199cm get him to spend the year working on forward craft


Stress fractures in your back and subsequent stunted development is a dream come true.



Davey twins - our next centre half forwards



Although these guys are 184cm and growing (if I’m correct) so may be able to fulfil the role just a bit better than their dad

Edit: just looked at the photos. Don’t think they are anywhere near 184cm, but hopefully still growing !