Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


So glad we got Froggy to 100 games!


Always a great story to have Father -Sons coming to the club.

Don’t think they will have to many problems with the ladies those boys. Good looking kids.


Did we just go into Donnington territory?


They are already Alwyn’s height (174), both could end up well over 180.

Two 182-5cm speed machines with sublime skills - yes please!


Donnington pls


Seems Max Fletcher didn’t play Victorian Under-16s. From what I can tell anyway, anyone know anything to the contrary?
The Great White Gangly Hopes have not really eventuated at this point.


Is there any way to sticky this topic to the top?

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Have I got it right that Max is the more talented of the two?


Yeah I thought I heard that somewhere.
Be interesting to see if Mason gets back for a game or two before the end of the year.


if max is better than mason then the future looks bright!


I think it was Dustin who said that Max was the better or maybe the more serious footballer, can’t remember the actual quote. Max isn’t as tall or as Dustin like as Mason.


Maybe. Mason looks decidedly pedestrian at this point.


Every future Neagle was always meant to be ‘the best one yet’ by my recollection…


Not moving well with a crook back, but the highlight stuff posted shows he can play, and looks very much like his Dad did at 16/17.

I remember seeing the Young Dustin playing footy with his Dad, and Mason looks just like him in all aspects.

What did you base your comment on Boot ? Have you any of your legendary insider goss.


Are you saying he will be a walk-up starter???


Every one bar fans on the internet aren’t finding much to get excited about.
So that’s coaches, listed players he has trained with, recruiters etc.
But I would give him a rookie spot and see what developed.
He is a Fletcher after all.
But remember Longs haven’t gone too well.
Nor have Neagles.
And both their dads were guns too.
Rookie list and a pinch of salt for mine.


Watsons went all right

Danihers looking OK, bar the injury worries.

One Neagle was unlucky.

My vote is out on Long the Younger, reckon he needs a bit more of a go.

And Hird was the Grand-kid but I hear he was not too bad as well.


I think the Davey twins are gonna rival Joey as the most hyped F/S’s ever


Head that Luca Alessio kicked a goal after the siren to win a final in junior footy last weekend.


I have a good mate involved in junior talent scouting who said similar things about Mason. Doesn’t look like much ATM but still reckons he has one of the best foot skills he has seen this year at his age level. Reckons he would definitely be worth a rookie pick.
Just out of interest I was reading a bit of the report from u15 schoolboys SA v Vic at Thebarton from a few weeks ago and a Long and Salmon were mentioned. Couldn’t find any mention of them on the JHA page so was wondering if they were F/S or not