Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Nice to hear about Mason’s foot skills. And nice to know I’m not being fan type optimistic with the rookie call.

No idea on the Longs and Salmons mate, sorry.


I thought Paul Salmon only had one son, Lachlan, who’d be well into in his 20s by now i think.


Do they have hard bodies?


Would Fletch be a chance of going around the TAC again as a 19yr old given his injury and his height? Talls seem to get that option more often than smalls, from what I can tell.


He will be taken this year, no way the club passes on him


Why? We’ve passed on many F/S selections. And we can always get him next year if he improves.


If they think he might have it, he is going to develop quicker in our system than outside.


Well duh. But if they have severe doubts, why waste a list spot? Most commentators don’t seem to think he’s worth rookieing.


The don seems to know his stuff.


Here is my take:

Apparently it has been suggested to Mason that he has an over age year at cannons next year… only due to his long term injury this year. However that came from cannons not Essendon. I think it was more of a “if you don’t get picked up we’ll take you as a 19 year old”.

I don’t know Essendon’s view on Mason, but personally I don’t think he’s much chop. He is too much like his dad. Yes Dustin was a star but times have changed and a player of that style isn’t often appealing to recruiters. If you’re that tall and skinny, you take a long time to be ready at afl level and even then you need some athletic traits or elite skills, neither of which Mason has. Nice mark and safe kick but nothing spectacular.

BUT, in saying that, I do think we will recruit him as a rookie, I just wouldn’t.


Nick Salmon plays footy with my son. Paul is not his dad


Hmmm… too much like a 400 game club champion? Let me think about that…


Times have changed… Dustin an absolute star of the game but some kids get drafted purely off athletic ability etc. Mason doesn’t have much too his game other than height


Cheers for that, just saw the names mentioned and wondered if there was any connection.


Maybe it was the beer talking, but at a recent EFC related function, a coach mentioned he was keen to get the next Fletcher into his group.

When asked , he said it would be a very brave recruiting team that did not take him in the draft. We all took it as a certainty that has already been discussed and agreed.


He is absolutely worth drafting and with the media attention he has had there just isn’t any way we don’t take him this year. He managed a state combine invite which shows that more than 1 club is interested


From the little I’ve seen of Fletcher.

He’s extremely agile for his size and has an elite kick. So he has the tools to be a player.

If he comes to the club he’ll be training with Hooker, Hurley, Francis and Ridley… all of which are exceptional at reading the ball in the air. We need to Trust in our development programs, to improve on his weaknesses.

He’ll probably be a rookie pick up. But definitely worth a shot.


I’m sure the injury and lack of games is partially to help him drop in draft value.

I would be surprised if we picked him up late. Unless SOS bids on him earlier just to get back at us for SOSjnr.


If that happens it will no longer be about talent, it will be about mercy.


Do we have any farther sons who are mids be nice if we can pluck our version of Viney