Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


I have no doubt we will draft him, but I for one don’t rate him that highly


No, but I think we have some closer sons.


We have Chris Johnson’s son in our academy, he is technically F/S just not an Essendon one :stuck_out_tongue:


why would we do that?


Because we can pick him up as an academy player if he decides to come to us !!!


He is an Indigenous kid who lives in our zone (Calder/northwest corridor)


Just being nice and giving him options. :wink:


Its the same with Mil Hanna’s son


think its Hannas nephew not son?

anyway gives chris Johnsons kid a chance to stay in Victoria which is good.


Dan Hanna, is Mil’s nephew


Matt Neagle

Can never have enough pace in the squad.

Bring him in


I’d love one of the Neagle boys to make it the red and black.
I was a massive fan of Merv’s.


I didn’t see any “breakneck” speed. Slight exaggeration there.

Dodoro and Sheedy love the family so he’s in with a chance.


Its good we have had him at training.
interesting how he scores at the combine, given he has “break neck speed”
looks like a smooth mover, get onto the ball in space and can win contest in close.
But yeh I didnt see lightening breakaway saad/fantasia pace, but he has some good speed and good agility.

Reminds me a bit of Jayden Hunt Dees, after watching 1 min video :slight_smile:


7 clubs interested…


My old man lives up on the Murray and watches the Ovens & Murray regularly, he says Matt is a gun! Granted it’s only what he sees on game day, it’s hard to tell the off field stuff but that competition is as good as it gets outside the elite/semi elite competitions. I’d love to see us take a chance on him, we need a lock down small defender, maybe he can be it as I don’t think the likes of McNeice are going to be the answer.




Moves like a young Gavin Wanganeen.


Daryn Cresswell gave Neagle a huge wrap on SEN a month or two back.

They were discussing the success of Sam Murray and the panel asked Cresswell who else he thought could make the step up to the next level. He didn’t hesitate in saying that Neagle could be an AFL footballer.


If he’s an upgrade on McNiece, jump on it. Another quality small back to cover Saad/McKenna with a late/rookie pick is a good move IMO, as I don’t think McNiece is good enough. Getting that player cheap as a F/S would be awesome.