Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Anyone know what size he is?


surely we use our f/s rights and take this kid. 2nd half of that video really shows off his speed. 2nd n 3rd efforts in the one passage of play were impressive.
reminds me of a young wanganeen.
Good to know the club are all over it, inviting him to train at the club.


Or an upgrade on Long…


Matt Neagle
Age: 19/02/1998
Height: 180cm
Weight: 75kg


Minor thing about F/S that looks like it’s changed for the better. You no longer have to nominate players as explicitly F/S rookies instead of normal F/S (which brings it almost in line with academy selection rules). That means if we’re interested we can just nominate him and take him in the ND or rookie draft depending on other clubs’ interest.


We should at the very least give him a spot on the VFL list for next year, same goes for any kid that we have bidding rights on and has some AFL potential



Unfortunately Matt Neagle suffered a compound fracture of his arm at the weekend. It must of been a shocker as the game was called off due to an ambulance being called. Bummer.


That’s terrible news for the young bloke.


Hopefully we bring him into our VFL set up next year, if he isn’t picked up


Terrible news.


Unfortunate timing for him. Hope the surgery went well.

Wonder if we would still considering picking him up as a rookie if we were already interested.


Did he get an invite to the state combine? Gives an indication as to his chances of being picked up.




So unlucky.

How impressive is this though?

Cresswell IIRC put his own dislocated knee cap back in and got up and kept playing.

If we wanted a Bags replacement it’s him


It’s impossible not to like that


We’ve certainly taken the “dodgy groin” play up a notch or two.


Bring him in.


I agree.


I come in six days late, read 20 glowing posts then there’s just one more, from today…