Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Same. Getting really hopeful, positive and excited for the kid, and us, … and then, …


Hopefully they can fix Matt’s arm up without any complications, could be good to go by late October.


Paul Kelly used to do that all the time, didn’t he?


Nasty injury and bad timing right before the finals, but at least he has had a full home and away season to show the recruiters what he can do. Hopefully next year he can destroy some fark carltoners for us with his new robot arm


So we have the technology?


If anything, as far as bad injuries go, arm injuries should have the least long term effects surely?


Yep, could be a ripper we have 2 father sons this year.

FWIW I had Dermott admit young fletch is every bit the afl level player. derms son plays for Eastern so he has seen him play.


Oh, definitely.
Ask Katya or Ray or Conway or Barry.
I wouldn’t ask Other Barry.


Yeah I don’t see why this would diminish his chances of us picking him up? Draft isn’t until late November and he could be good to go by then. Showed brilliant courage, probably increased his chances.


F**k!! Just watched the video highlights. For those of you who never saw Merv in action, young Matt is very similar in his ability to find the ball and move to the right spots!
Wow. No hesitation Essendon, this young son of a gun would definitely be a keeper. Talent to burn!!


Jydon kicked 7 in the same game as well.


Bring him in too!


Gentleman we can rebuild him.

We have the technology.

We have the capability to make the worlds first bionic man.

Matt Neagle will be that man.

Better than he was before. Better, Stronger, Faster


You’re old


Exactly. That was referenced waaaayyy up thread.


Davey twins update?


Still look basically identical.


It’s appears as if one plays like Alwyn and the other plays like Aaron; hopefully they play in the TAC cup and get a scholarship to a good school when the time comes, if they don’t already.


That question, straight after reading the words willie_dick is… distracting.


Yep, plays a lot like Merv. Has got some serious wheels on him, the best part for me is the disposal by foot, with the kick across the body being a stand out. WSDPHU.