Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Terrible news about young Neagles arm.


Did he play on?


Bombers father-son prospect Mason Fletcher (son of Dustin) is one of a number of father-son players invited to test, including Michael Voss’ son Casey, who will test at the South Australia State Combine.


So how does this father son drafting work… Say Carlscum select Mason in the second round and we only have a pick in the 3rd round, does that mean out 3rd round pick (aka our next best pick) is good enough and used to secure him, or is it all points based now? BTW… that whole scenario i just put forward was purely hypothetical/made up.


All points based.

And IIRC we did put a bid on the last Silvagni kid, so wouldn’t be entirely surprising.


We’d get some sort of discount, wouldn’t we? Being the entitled club.

But I think the first thing Jackets would do is say “you’re ■■■■■■■ kidding, aren’t you? “


You get a 10% discount.

The real headache given where these kids are rated is if someone bids after our last pick.

I don’t know what happens if you’ve passed but still have a spare pick and someone bids either.


I’ll just be that guy as usual. It’s a 20% discount for both academy and F/S players (the initial plan was 25% and 10% respectively, which I think is in the review document), or a 197 point discount for picks beyond the first round, i.e. 20% or 197 points whichever is a bigger discount. That means for bids at pick 56 onwards, it’s free to match.

I would guess if you’ve passed and still have a list spot and someone bids that you probably get to match if you want. But presumably if someone bids and you don’t have a list spot left then you’re ■■■■ out of luck.

I’ve also changed the link in the trade/draft thread to not link to a version of the PDF that has the old discounts in it.


So, we trade out our 1st to 8th round picks to make sure we get the last pick in the draft:)


We did and it was hilarious, Carlton were the next pick (or might have been another couple later). So we did so as a small dig between Dodoro and SOS. There was never any real chance of us picking him up.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens the same with Mason Fletcher.

Given once you bid, you have to take them if it is not matched so nobody is over bidding.


Aren’t latter round picks effectively worthless points wise? If so a late bid wouldn’t put you into pick debt for the next year, or if it did it would be negligible


Yeah after about pick 40 something, maybe 50.


But you’ll still need a list spot right.

And in the old days once you passed on picks you were done, so even if you had a list spot you had indicated that was a rookie spot.

Of course it’s all different now, but I’d bet that there’s a loophole in the rules somewhere that will be there to be exploited by someone because the AFL haven’t thought it through.


Pick 56 onwards costs no points to match a bid.


If you don’t have a list spot you can’t draft someone. Pretty straight forward I would have thought


Hopefully we give Neagle a go and pick him up



I guess my point was that even though you could just nominate your FS picks this year and you just got to match through both drafts, there may be a small window between your last pick and the end of the day where it’s not possible to match because you can’t offer a main list spot.

This was in the context of picks over 50 being with 0 points, so always being able to match.

Conceptually I don’t think that the AFL would actually want to create the above situation, and maybe they’ve thought about it and have an appropriate ruling.

But whatever. I was just ruminating on rules that I don’t actually know.


Im sure there would be a way around it.
after pick 56 the picks are worthless, so could potentially use your first rookie pick I imagine.
Or could go into debt next year.
Or you could trade a 2019 fourth rounder for a 2018 fourth rounder during the draft.
Or give Long a call and Delist and Rookie Jake Long


The issue isn’t debt. The issue is you have no spots free when they’re nominated.


Read that max fletcher selected in the Calder u18 summer training squad.


Promising signs for a 15? year old.