Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Yep. No way you would want to waste a VFL spot on him.


maybe but I bet if his body is ok, that he will get a VFL or two.


See Fletcher - Dustin. 17 yr old stick of a Schoolboy,. … 1993 Premiership Player.



Not that it means he’s ready for VFL or whatever in other ways, … but there’s SFA difference between Dusty 93 and Mason today skinny wise.


One has had some injury issues, whereas the other wouldn’t stop playing school footy.


And Mason is definitely thinner than his dad was at the beginning.
And that takes some doing.


Is Max looking like being better than Mason?


I’ve never seen Max play, but he got into the Cannons u18s summer training squad as a 16 year old. Very few blokes do that. I don’t think Joe did, for instance, and everyone knew he was AFL bound from his mid teens.

If Max gets onto the u18s cannons list, and plays any u18 games, then it’s a sign that - at the current point in his development - he’s rated as high-end draftable material.

Insert all the standard ‘a lot can change in the next few years’ disclaimers here.


Does max play more like Ken or Dustin at this stage? Has he had his grown spurt yet? Or is he still a shorty?


Had a quick look but couldnt find much on Tex Wanganeen. How is he tracking and are we any chance of landing him?


Tracking great. Bugger all chance.


That’s what it sounds like from what Gavin says, but if we put on a show next year and Port play poorly, I wonder if he might reconsider his position.


We can but hope Mr Scarey, … we can but hope.


Just tell Tex to emulate his Dad, i.e. Win a Brownlow and a flag then head back to Port to captain them. Win win.


Dont know if McDonald’s franchises hold the same value these days.

On Mason reckon the development of players has changed a bit since 1993. You would have to be an absolute jet to hold down a Key position straight out of the draft these days.


Much more like Ken. He’s built like that, doesn’t have the lanky Fletch build like Mason, more like a racehorse with a good dose of attitude.


I guess getting Clarke means no Neagle


I really don’t see how you come to that conclusion.

Needed a backup ruckman. Got one guaranteed without having the uncertainty of the draft.

How does that affect Neagle?


I reckon Neagle stays what he always was, an extreme long shot.
Don’t think Clarke affects that.


Would any club ever pick up a 20-21yo without at least seeing them in VFL or SANFL etc?


We took Jenkins straight from the Ovens-Murray league.

Agree that Neagle is very far from a sure thing for this year’s draft (though it’s worth remembering he got a state combine invitation so we weren’t the only ones to want to have a look at him).

I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a VFL gig with us next year. AFL is a longer shot.