Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Bring in all the Neagle!! *

*VFL only


I’d like to see him on the rookie list.
Not because of his name, I just like the way he plays.


Any idea on Matt Neagle’s combine results?

he looked quick in the highlights, however the opposition looked stoned


Not top 10 for sprint or yo-yo, but fair chance he didn’t actually test due to injury.


Didn’t test


I wouldn’t say he is an extreme long shot, he got combine invites


I reckon he is for us.
But I hope I’m wrong.
I’d love us to give him a shot.


I reckon he’s a long shot for anyone. Very few come from outside the main leagues. Doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but I think it’s very fair to characterise him as a longshot.


Don’t know about father son but everybody meet Jobe, my new Toy Cavoodle!


Dustin also wasn’t the champion player we all remember right out of the gate. It took a few years for him to get to that level


No, he was good straight away, watch his second half against Godra in the 93 prelim, doesn’t get any better for a novice. Godra cut him up early but Sheeds showed faith and he shut him down- one of the keys to our greatest come from behind win.


Just watched the second half for the first time in a while, recommend you do too. Two observations:
-Bomber Thompson was ■■■■■■■ wonderful, my favourite player EVER!!!
-David Flood was the unlucky one, did a huge job. Kickett was rubbish.


Great dogs, but you are probably $2/3,000 worse off financially.


If we are planning on drafting neagle we’d need to nominate him. As far as I know we haven’t done so


Not entirely true. We can pick him in the open draft.
If all the players we wanted were not available with our last pick, and we thought Neagle was best available… we could pick him.

We haven’t committed to him as of yet.


And even if we nominated him, we’re not committed to him.


From what I’ve heard he’s a chance to be drafted by GWS but not by us. If he doesn’t get drafted he’ll be playing for Wangaratta.


Is that a young @Reboot ?


Oh man what a cute puppy


Correct. But if someone nabbed him ahead of us we couldn’t match.

That’s my understanding anyway