Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


How could we not match?
You can use points from next year’s draft.


I think you have to nominate them, which was a week or two back.


Ah, fair enough.
Can’t sook about not getting them if you don’t nominate them, I guess.
Wasn’t sure how it would work in the rookie draft, either.


Um, do clubs nominate F/S picks? I thought the players did.


I think the clubs have to to get the players protected.

As far as I know, players only have to if they have a choice of eligible clubs like Blakey or Scott.


Neagle nominated for a rookie spot. No Hanna.


I don’t think that’s what happened for Marc Murphy. He chose not to go F/S. I think draftees are automatically eligible unless they say otherwise.


I honestly thought they had changed the rule completely, so that you just nominated someone and then wherever they went it was about matching, and if no one bids you get the last round of rookie draft. I thought they’d got rid of the “nominate them for ND or RD” part of the rule???


It’s both right. Players have to indicate that they’re willing, and clubs have to nominate.


What am I not getting about this?
He’s a father-son pick.
Why does nominating our interest in him for the rookie draft mean we can’t match a team who hasn’t nominated him for anything in the ND?


Interesting mechanism there to get him

Perhaps we feel nobody will bid for him. Had a tough time given his fathers passing so hopefully it’s just a let him get to EFC scenario.


I think how it works is:
If you nominate them in the ND, you have to take them in the ND (hence main list)
If you nominate them for the rookie list only, you can lock them in with your last rookie spot

Effectively gambling he’ll make it through the main draft.
Only have to give him 1 year on the rookie list, main list would be 2.


That was the way it worked (and what happened with Long), but they made a whole song and dance about changing it. Clearly not??? @SplitRound


Guaranteed nobody will.


If Matt Neagle does not nominate himself in the main draft ( withdraws) he is ours, and gets a guaranteed AFL list spot (albeit rookie), who can play round 1 2019 anyway, if he is good enough, but on lower pay. Right. ?

PS, or is it conditional on them nominating in the ND?


Happy we have nominated him. Hope he slips thru to us.


No hoping necessary HD. This will be already done.


Yeah, I thought they’d changed it based on the changed wording in the AFL Rules this year but I guess not. The rules say that a player has to agree to be taken as a rookie and that they can only be taken as a rookie if not taken in the ND (which, duh), but it no longer differentiates the two types of nomination in the wording (i.e. there’s just F/S nomination)

Oh well, I guess I misinterpreted it and they’re still two mutually exclusive processes.


Is the no nomination part the trigger that means we can’t match any other clubs that select him in the ND? If so it seems complexly illogical on two fronts. One why does a club have to reveal its hand up front - couldn’t the AFL just list all eligible father sons who have nominated for the draft and secondly why wouldn’t we just nominate him? My understanding is our nomination of Neagle would not mean we have to select him in the ND.


Exactly, who is going to take a 22-year-old who has never even played at State League level with a National Draft pick.