Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Matt Neagle is only 20 - I too am still confused on the F/S nomination process (ND vs Rookie) but I would assume he is close to a certainty slip through the ND.


Point stands, who is going to take a 20-year-old who has never even played at State League level in the National Draft.

Did he even play TAC footy?


It appears there are two FS nomination types: matching eligible, and matching ineligible. If nominated for the former, you can match bids from other clubs, and if no-one bids you have to use your last pick to put them on your senior list. If nominated for the latter, you can’t match bids, but if no-one picks them up in the ND, you can (but don’t have to) put them straight on your list as a rookie.


Yeah I agree with you that he’s very unlikely to go ND, just correcting the age. Did play 2 games for Murray bushrangers in his draft year (same year as McGrath) with little impact.

From what I’ve read, he’s grown up a lot over the last 2 years and dedicated himself a lot more to try become a professional footballer. Will still be very raw if he comes into the system next year but it means he’s got a fair bit of potential upside. Was going to play VFL for Essendon this year before getting injured mid-late in the season.


Thanks for the clarification.


Perfectly clear*

  • no it isn’t


Unlikely but the issue is we’ve declared we will rookie him meaning any other club can take him with their last pick and we can’t do squat.

Pretty sure we have essentially confirmed we are taking him as a rookie if he is undrafted.


Chris Johnson is now the new talent manager for Calder Cannons where his son also plays, his son is in our NGA and Johnson was the one who included Francis in his top 5 for the rising star award, i think i know which club he will be pushing his son to join :wink:


Do you know anything about Kyle baker?


Seen him once when my focus was on Fletcher and Stocker in a Sandy vs Calder game early this year, its too far back for me to remember someone i wasnt focused on but by all reports he is a nippy small forward that impressed for St Bernards at school level.




Thats defender sorry, nippy defender


Any of the F/S are mids?


Any of ours do you mean?

Neagle might end up one (as may his little brother Jaxon, who is apparently the most talented of the brothers but who will need to have the same penny drop for him as it did for Matt). Kurtis Barnard is a mid to the best of my knowledge, though he looks up against it to get drafted. Looking forward a bit, Misiti and the Daveys are mids as well as far as I know.


That list of NGA nominations has me a bit miffed. A lot of clubs are taking full advantage of it already where as we seem to be playing the long game, why? It’s a free hit


Seen a bit of him… Was a gun junior but never grew into a big body. Smaller player, I have seen him play for/mid and back. Pretty slick skills on both sides. At this stage I don’t think he’d be at a draftable standard come his draft year but who knows what might happen. Could have a stellar year and work his way onto our list


You make use of the NGA if you think there is an individual who has some chance of being AFL standard - You don’t just give up list spots ‘willy nilly’ - And there is nothing wrong with playing the long game - The club is already got 3 players from the Tiwi Islands into boarding school for 2019 - At least if they don’t make the AFL they will at least receive a decent education.


Thanks what is his background?


We have a single rookie B lost spot left. Do we have an Irish rookie lined up and don’t have room for an NGA?


Has there been any in our area we had rights too that we have missed?