Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


I think technically we could have added Tippa 2


Anyone know if today means Neagle ain’t playing for us next year?


Unless we decide to give Clark the heave ho and sign Neagle instead, or unless we’ve managed to find some bizarre loophole that lets us cat B rookie the kid, he ain’t gonna be on our AFL list next year.


Wasn’t Merv an Irish born Indian? Definitely from a non-AFL background.


Thanks Humble.

I wonder if they take the punt and decide Jok is their break glass in emergency ruckman, meaning Zac Clarke not needed?


I don’t think we can pick up Neagle in the way we’re potentially getting Clarke.


Well, given Draper torched Clarke Tuth in the ruck…


And Tuth reportedly did well against Draper…


Damn it…


He did better than most against Sammy, his leap was something Sam wouldn’t have had much exposure to.

It didn’t take long for Drapes to adjust to it though.


We can now. Anyone who nominated for the draft is eligible for the upcoming supplementary period. There were just a bunch of players (eg Clarke) who were eligible even if they didn’t nominate.


If someone gets does an ACL this season then Neagle would be the first one we would pick




Well, you know … if Hooker did an ACL Neagle would be the perfect replacement.



I mean it in the way of someone like a mid or Forward injuring themselves long term


Would expect in that case we’d be looking at a mature aged replacement who was ready to go?


Neagle would be 21 next year so he would count as an mature age recruit


But no way would he be considered “ready to go”, given his lack of state league exposure to this point.


I wanna see Neagle and Adam Tipungwuti in our VFL squad, we need a replacement for Hind, thanks to the aints