Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


The 3 Neagle lads have all joined Central Districts in the SANFL. Apparently 7 AFL clubs were interested in Matt


Good to hear. A year of SANFL (or WAFL) would be exactly what Neagle needs I reckon.


Apparently Rodney Eade is the new manager for two of the three.

Or something like that, heard a snippet on radio this morning.


Yes, I believe Eade has become an accredited player manager now


Didn’t Neagle get hurt at the end of last year?
From what I understood he wasn’t going to be playing for some time even if he was selected.


Good to hear. State league footy will do them good.

I assume that we’re talking Matt, Jaxon, and Jydon here? I think Nathan drifted away from footy a while ago, and I doubt Jayy’s involved.


Yes, Matt, Jaxon and Jydon


Is out automatic access to matt now forfeited given we didn’t take him?


Nope. Nobody had a crack, so we still have first dibs.


Ironic given that Merv used to give Eade the run around when they were directly opposed to each other back in the day.
Dipper on the other hand gave Merv the run around, Doug Hawkins gave Dipper the run around & Merv gave Doug the run around, in one of those odd 3 way things that didn’t quite logically compute.


Gee, it’s hard keeping track of all these Neagle boys, Jaxon is the youngest isn’t he?


I THINK the age order is Jay, Jydon, Nathan, Matthew, Jaxon.


The JHA update that is the latest (well, it has Hanna and Amart logo) has only Jaxom, and him 18. So I suspect you’re correct.

(JHA newsletter)



Typo or real silly name?


His name is Jaxon. So both.


Unless he signs with someone else as a mature age rookie before the draft - like what carlton/suns had access to.
I hope they all have good years. Would be good for another father son/ academy to be added to the group.

Has Fletcher said if he is going around at TAC cup again as a 19 year old?


Dustin has been quoted at some recent sportsmans nights regarding Mason.

I assume this indicates he will be playing for the VFL, not sure if this precludes him from playing TAC.


I assume he’ll play TAC with possible guest appearance(s) as the VFL 23rd man.


from today


Hirdy is back.