Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


This is excellent news!





I think the article on the club website qualifies young Tom now.


How good is this news. I saw Tom having kick with Hirdy, while I was touring the facilities during the saga, his skills were unbelieveable, I am very pumped.


Does anyone know anything about Tom? Where has he been playing, whats his form been like, height, position… etc etc


*Brad Green


Haha yep sorry Brad Green. :see_no_evil:


Brad Jones played in England for about 10 years!!


Think he’s been playing a lot of soccer.


How old is Tom Hird?


18 this year.


Where has he been playing?


I assume Tom’s still not as good as Stephanie, and she can’t get a game.


His junior club was Prahran, but he hasn’t played footy at any level I’m aware of since 2015. Been focused on soccer.


I’m guessing the club just want to have a look at him, considering he’s at draft age… and if his natural footballing instincts have been passed down genetically.


For what it’s worth he was routinely one of his side’s best when he was playing for a club that tracked such things (lots of junior teams don’t). But that’s a long time ago now.

I suppose the club has basically nothing to lose exploring putting him on the rookie b list, given it’s been 3 years since he’s been a registered AFL player (presumably it’s 3 years, given that’s the last time he played…)


Wouldn’t that qualify him to automatically be picked up under that ruling of not playing AFL for 3 years?


It’s not ‘not playing AFL for 3 years’, it’s ‘not being a registered AFL player for three years’. I don’t know when registration is deemed to have lapsed, whether it happens immediately you’re not on a club list for a season, or whether it hangs around for a while.


It warms my heart to have the Hird name back at the club, in any capacity.
I hope Tom’s as tough as his dad. He’ll need to be for the amount of scrutiny he will find himself under.
I hope he’s doing what he wants to do. I wish him every success.