Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


We thought James was a bargain at the late draft pick.

Wait until we get Tom for nothing… not even a main list spot.

Cat B all the way.

Kid can go and chase his soccer dreams, and if it doesn’t work out, there is a home here for him to give it a go. It’s a very nice safety net.


Maybe 2015 is considered last year registered…Wouldn’t that be great to get him for absolutely nothing…lol


No Cat B for goodness sakes.

If he’s good enough and he wants it then do it properly. The last thing young Hird needs is media et all thinking we gamed the system. He’d face way to much scrutiny as it is.


The guy hasn’t even played footy in the last 3 years? Pass!


Who cares what the media think…if there is a loophole you take it and run.


Watch as the AFL remove the rule the day before we announce him…


It’s a not a loop hole. It’s the actual rules.

TBH why would we draft a kid to the main list that hasn’t played any type of Aussie rules for 3 years.

Rookie B option is a no brainer if he’s good enough.


The draft is a year away, if it’s something he wants to do, he would be best to play a year of TAC or VFL or even ammos rather than hold off just so we can get him rookie B.


Please don’t bring logic and reason into this thread. I want to fark over the AFL


Mind you … there’s nothing saying we have to rookie B list him NOW. If soccer is his priority at the moment, that’s fine. Just keep him in contact with the club, and if he changes his mind in a couple of years we can look at rookie B listing him then. The Alex Keath model.


I very much doubt anyone registers and doesn’t play.
Rego is $$$ and includes the insurance, which goes through AFL Vic.


There’d be less scrutiny on a Cat b, not more.

I’d barely recognise Lavender if he sat up in my soup.


Lavender’s surname is not ‘Hird’. And while we all love @S_K, his public profile ain’t exactly equivalent to Jimbob’s.


You think James Hirds son is not going to be under scrutiny?


Neither would I to be honest


@S_K still hasn’t apologised!

there’s no getting away from the fact Hird is always going to be surrounded by a bit of a circus, but there’s just got to be less pressure if he’s only on the rookie B list.

The best way forward is without fear nor favour.
If he plays somewhere and does well enough to justify being drafted on the main list, draft him on the main list.
If he’s not, he’s not.


People get angry that every article written about Essendon includes some SAGA reference. Tom would face that his whole career, he could win a Brownlow or captain a flag and someone would still ask a stupid saga question in an interview.


But his blitz profile is higher. I’ve given @S_K more likes on here than James.


I do have a head that looks like it’s smashed into McVeigh’s knee though…


Tom Hird is the only one that can fill the pages of his life story, not some hack journalist or flog in the crowd referencing the saga.

The Hirds are made of stern stuff.