Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Hirdys parting gift - recruiting his son for nothing.
Always was a step ahead.


How many bicycle accidents have you had?


What position and height is Tom Hird?


At least you didn’t ask how many [redacted] he’s had.


Personally I see little difference if we were to select Tom Hird with either a FS rookie pick or a Cat B rookie pick. Either way he is going to be closely scrutinised. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get as bad as it did for Don Bradman’s son who ended up changing his name.


Good ol’ John Bradsen…


Well young Tom has been playing with South Melbourne minors (soccer) for a while now, along with his sibling brothers. It’s really great that he’s interested in the footy side of things. His dad had a few special moments playing soccer against the other dads, btw - always the competitor.


I bet that threw them off the trail!

Should have called himself John Donaldson.


I would have gone with “DefinitelyNot BradmanSon”.



Somehow reminds me of Mr Smoketoomuch


I was thinking Raymond Luxury - Yacht


Brad Donman


Well, you’d better cut down a little then.



Cut down what??


Whilst I’d love hird junior to play for us I hope he pursues his soccer aspirations. No young man deserves what the media would subject him to.

That said, I imagine one of the attractions is his chances of being a professional athlete are higher in Aussie rules. I imagine if he was a serious soccer prospect he’d be in an a league academy.

At the end of the day I hope the kid is happy in whatever he pursues


At the end of the day. Tom Hird if will be selected as a FS by Essendon, if he is good enough. It’s iŕrelevant if it’s primary list or rookie A,B,C or D.


It would like Jack Watts x 10.
If he has a good head on him he’d feed off it. Would be an unbelievable story if he were to succeed.


You don’t believe he will succeed?


Maybe Tom Hird has decided he will give footy a crack this year after a few year break. Can’t think of a better way to prepare for that than doing a preseason training with an AFL team.

If true, imagine the hype if he starts playing well in the TAC cup!


Maybe he’ll deal with it like Nathan Ablett. Maybe he’ll deal with it like Gary jnr.