Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


He as also under state consideration most years when he played, my mate has two boys the same age as Jim’s two eldest and he would always tell me when it came to state trials in each age group they where both there, then come 16’s they both dropped off.


■■■■■■ hell!!
Talk about an over reaction in here…again.

The club more than likely invited him down out of respect, touch base, testing the potential…etc,etc.

Typical Blitz.
Tom Hird will or won’t make it, the media will eat him, he’s a soccer player, let’s draft him with f/s, let’s put him on cat A, B or C…

Time for a spell, I’ll be back late Feb


Haha they filtered Bl***y hell


People are abit over sensitive on this.

The club has announced that Tom Hird will be training with the club, and I have hardly seen any media attention about it. There has been no footballing public outrage. The sky is not falling in.

Let it play out. And if sh*t is hurled at the club or this kid; the players, the club & the supporters will stand up to it. Like we always do.

Chill out people.


I hope both young blokes enjoy their time training with the best team in the AFl, in the best facilities and with the best of our wishes.

Everything else is speculation.

PS: We should pick both of them up!


So does this mean mason is over his back fracture issues from last year, which held us off drafting him?

I guess they will be picking and choosing their sessions, but given Fletcher played TAC and so did Mossie/Gown the step up to training may not be that great. But I imagine the body work sessions with Rutten might be, although Fletcher v Gown should be fair matchup.

Would imagine it would be a greater step up for Tom Hird. But he has probably been around the club more with Stephanies involvement.
Maybe his dad will talk about it on his podcast.


Waiting for nackers’ report telling us Tom Hird deftly out marked Francis by better reading the flight of the ball, followed by Tom shimming past both McGrath and Tippa to run off and kick a 50 metre goal on the run against a strong cross wind.


Im also waiting for the first day of training Video like Mozzie did.


except the players will be in awe of Tom, rather than Mozzie was of them


*while licking his fingertips…


Hirdy would’ve had a very impressive gut microbiome during his playing days.


And they would’ve had to develop resistance against leather poisoning.


Tom does show a decent left-foot and has been in discussion with coaches throughout the session which is a good sign of lesrningAlso saw Dea completely knock him in a contest so they are not going easy on him


All hail the new nackers!
Don’t disappoint on the full report, no pressure.


Hahaha this made my day. I wouldn’t dare take on the great Nackers. I enjoy reading their reports too much.


The last photo is brilliant.


Got Dad’s big hands it seems! Clunk!


geez he looks tiny next to Francis


Looks wiry.


What number was he wearing? :crazy_face: