Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


It’s just a trick of the grass.


Hird > Hind (well, if you’re into blonde wiry midgets)


He’ll be fine


I believe Josh Misiti has made the Calder Cannons squad this year as a 15 year old, he is already taller than his old man and plays up forward.


@THE_DON1 do you know where Tom Hird is playing this season?


I haven’t heard him mentioned anywhere, full team lists should be available some time next week


The prophecy is true.


He is even a red head!


I’d be pretty surprised if he plays TAC this season. He’s been out of footy for a long time, JHA or no JHA. And if he DOES play TAC, then that scotches our chances of taking him a a rookie b lister, if that indeed what we were planning.

Given Hirdy lives in toorak, Tom would probably be zoned to Oakleigh (or maybe Sandringham) if he does play TAC, depending on where his home club is deemed to be.


I’ll be watching Max Fletcher and Josh Misiti very soon in a practise match

Misiti 188cm 84kg

Max 192cm 66kg

A few academy players playing today aswell


Max playing full forward, Josh at CHF


@THE_DON1 I think you’ve made a mistake in one of your posts. Misiti is 15 right? And 84kg?


Farken hell, that’s a big boy.


Can Josh Misti play middle?


Yep got some power through the legs, so far he has shown some clean hands at ground level and has had 5 touches in the first quarter already. Good leading patterns


Josh is number 40


He has just turned 16 actually but yeah he is listed at 84kg


We have our big bodied mid, praise the lord.


Some photos of Max and Josh


Max Fletcher played FF all day, kicked his only goal late in the game with a long set shot goal, he moves well and will often take a mark 50m out and quickly turn and go a lot like Daniher does, very light so didn’t offer much when the ball hit the deck but he still chased when he could.

Josh Misiti starting really well in the first quarter showing good leading patterns and clean hands at ground level, he didn’t touch it in the 2nd and went down back in the 2nd half where I didn’t think he performed well, had a shaky kick across goal. He isn’t blessed with pace or agility so I’d say Max has the most upside out of the 2.