Father Son Watch (updated 1 June)


Stick him in the middle and let those Misiti genes take over


He could be our version of Clayton Oliver in the unders, fingers crossed. Joey was already a dominate force at around age 15 in the teal Cup team. Was racking up huge numbers


Those 84kgs won’t exactly help agility or pace.


But you could say he is a big bodied midfielder.

Myers replacement.


3 more years, please make it stop.


I somehow doubt it, even if I knew what body part a repalcement is.
Is it something rude in Italian?


Misiti named at CHB

I don’t know about that one chief


Any other NGA kids in that list? Gook, unfortunate name, I assume (hope) he is Sudanese (and not Asian) so he could be one.


Mason Fletcher 2 goals in the last quarter for Calder when moved forward


Against NT?

Edit vs Tassie. Brand also with 3 goals.


Had a cousin marry into a family in Bendigo with Gook as their surname. Dinky Di Aussies they are.


Probably had a Chinese ancestor somewhere along the line, especially around Bendigo from the gold rush days. I went to school with a guy who had the surname Look and his great-grandfather happened to be Chinese.


Mason Fletcher named at FF for Calder this week


Bewick’s son just got about 50 possessions in the under 11 this morning




Pfft even I could get 50 possessions in the u11


When you were under11, or now?


If he’s like his dad I suspect none of those were a handball


I’d be unstoppable, the Paddy Cripps of u11footy. There may be complaints as to why a 6’5" 100kg 30yo is destroying a bunch of 10 YOs though.


Your statue outside the MCG is already complete