Favorite Places To Eat


Just found out Ten Minutes by Tractor in Main Ridge is out of action because of a store room fire which didn’t damage the restaurant itself, just the kitchen and some antique tractors. And, oh yes, their wine collection consisting of 11 thousand bottles is reported to be destroyed! https://www.goodfood.com.au/eat-out/news/changes-ahead-on-the-mornington-peninsula-20180302-h0www8.html
And I can tell you, because I went there in November and spent a goodly time perusing the wine list, that is serious damage. There was stuff there in the multiple thousands per bottle and you’re hard pressed to find too much under 80 bucks. Love to know the insurance settlement.
Hope the sommelier is getting therapy.
PS If they have a garage sale of the stuff that survived, I’m up for some smoke infected expensive grog at $10 a throw.


Was Amandas Moms
Then it was Kyles Moms
Now its Maddys Moms
She has a nice peach!



What I take from this is you are a really fat tightarse.




Nothing … just an observation.


Food pic alert!

Had lunch at Spice Temple @ Crown yesterday. I’ve been there a few times now over the years but it has always been amazing. We had the $55 yum cha menu and it was awesome value considering the quality of the food. Highly recommend.

Edit: sorry about my slop bowl in the pic.


Has anyone been to Gazi ?

I am being forced into dinner with friends of Mrs Fox, so hope the food is OK.


I like it. Tasty food but more casual and sharing style.

The lamb is very good. Then load up on sides and dips etc.


Good. Not that good.

Edit: actually no I haven’t. Disregard.


I’ve twice and both times had the 10 dish or whatever thing.

was great, gave a good variety of bastardised greek food. My very traditional (greece is the best ever) yiayia enjoyed everything, even though she turned her nose up at every description.


Had dinner at Spice Temple again on Tuesday night - still one of the best places in Melb.


Spice temple is great. Silks is good too but pricey. For “modern Asian” I love Coda, been about 4 times and will happily go again

I love Cutler and Co.

Giving Rosettas another chance soon.


Coda is now on the to do list.


I dined at Alma in Geelong last night. It’s a South American restaurant. Chose the chef’s selection and it was really good. Highly recommend it for anyone that’s in the area.


Pastuso in Flinders lane is Peruvian I think and very good


Estelle Bistro in Northcote is fantastic. 3 course for $70 and the food is amazing quality. These is also the fine dining option next door, but I prefer the Bistro.

Also if not mentioned already Minamishima in Richmond. Never had sushi that good before.


Schnitz is pretty good


Belles hot chicken is pretty good, their pickles were amazing.


Menu looks really nice.
I’ll try that.