Favorite Places To Eat


I’m not sure if they’re a partnership but Hot Chicken Project here and in Anglesea are exactly the same as Belle’s. The chicken is perfect. I also like to point out Belle’s hot fish sandwich to my mate whose mum is called Belle.


Gave Rosetta another chance and didn’t disappoint. Service was much better this time, very good.


FWIW last time I ate there I am fairly certain they served old bread. It has gone down hill a bit, just my two cents.


Probably my favourite restaurant. Been 12+ times the last few years.

Top dishes:

Grilled cuttlefish
Spit roasted pork belly
Spit roasted chicken
Chips with feta crumbled over them
Bombe metaxa (dessert)

There’s other stuff that’s good but those are the top dishes.


dont forget the Loukoumades.


I’ve had better greek donuts at a couple places. IIRC one of them was Salona in richmond.


they’re a weakness, my qualifier is ‘not ■■■■’


Best greek food is Jim’s Tavern in Collingwood, BAR NONE!!!


Yeah, it’s pretty damn good.

There is a place in Doncaster which gives it a fair run for its money, though. (I think it’s just called Doncaster Greek Tavern.)

Possibly my favourite all-time banquet.


We went there last night and the food was average at best and it was expensive. Service was fabulous though.

I reckon though we made a mistake and had the 8 course Feed Me option. In hindsight we should have picked things we wanted, as while I liked the grilled tuna, no-one else did, and we didn’t have any Lamb which seemed Un-Greek to me !

Drinks were the expensive bit, maybe I have not got over playing less than a dollar for beer in Vietnam.


I’ve learned to never do banquet at any restaurant breh.

In theory it’s great, you sample a selection of dishes carefully chosen by chef.

In practice… they always put a few cheap wank dishes you’d never order on there and leave out a couple of their premium best dishes.

I’ve had banquet at restaurants in the past (Gazi included) and been underwhelmed. They don’t even have the spit roasted pork belly or bombe metaxa in it… literally the 2 best things on menu.

We always choose our own ‘banquet’ for the table now.


Da faq is a “Restaurant breh”?


Insert comma after ‘restaurant’, bruv.


FYI two female mates of mine got groped by the proprietor there, many years ago.


Best greek I’ve had in melbs was at a dodgy souva joint in an industrial park in Epping. I think it’s between a mag wheel joint and an air conditioning mechanic’s. Very very classy - plastic tablecloths, faded photos of mykonos on the walls, and they look at you weird if you sit down rather than have takeaway.

Boss (greek cypriot background) took us there.


Went to Kitsume in Flinders Lane for my birthday. Absolutely excellent. Also highly expensive.

My go to Japanese is Hanabishi in King Street and has been for years. It’s not cheap but it’s not too bad and it’s never let me down. And the waitresses now speak English, which is plus. In the early days they didn’t.


That’s disgusting


Philhellene in Moonee Ponds is the best Greek restaurant I’ve been to, and this is coming from someone of Greek heritage. None of your generic stuff, it’s all traditional, home style provincial cooking. I was in Perth just befor Christmas and there’s an Italian place on the Barrack St jetty near The Lucky ■■■■. Best Italian feed I’ve had.


You sure it wasn’t Katsuni you went too?


Alam pizza Ubud :ok_hand:t3: