Favorite Places To Eat


I concur. (Best I’ve been to also)


i want to marry spice temple


It probably should have been.


Yes it is. Used to like that joint, too.


Is it good?


it’s awesome. well i think so anyway.

good to go in a group, so you can tray a whole stack of dishes.



It’s Italian for “Not worth the drive”


Went to Guhng kbbq last week, was awesome. thoroughly recommend.


Mesop in Northcote. Ethiopian and really really good.


Walked past that the other night and went to the new Malaysian joint instead.

Will have to try it.


Bistrot Plume in Geelong (Belmont). C’est magnifique!


Didn’t really do it for me.


Merah? How was it?
Had TA’s a couple of times - we found it pretty good, but not stellar.


Yeah Merah, it was not bad, small servings but tasty. Had the beef curry and the missus had a tom yum soup thing.

Would go back again.


Hot Chicken Project is a must in Geelong too. Best southern style chicken I’ve had. Excellent sides too, potato salad, coleslaw, pickles, french fries washed down with a mexican coke. The deep fried chicken skin with the honey glaze starter is a heart attack in the waiting, but soooo good!

Anyone coming down to the game on thursday should come early and grab dinner there. You’re Welcome!


Went to Tulip in Geelong West last night. It’s the 4th time I’ve been there. Quality was of the usual high standard except I wouldn’t rave about the kangaroo tartare. While the flavour was OK it just felt a little NQR.


Ate at Mavs greek restaurant in Little Malop St Geelong last weekend. Very enjoyable.

Went from there, just down the road to 18th Amendment Bar, also ■■■■■■ good.

Must get back to Geelong soon.


Anyone been to Hell of the North in Fitzroy?


That part of the city is a little oasis from the rest of the festering poo hole it has turned into. Both of those places are fantastic. You have to be careful in 18th Amendment though. Sit there for too long and you magically wake up in bed without any recollection of getting there.


Aww don’t destroy the illusion I was under. Wife and I were sitting there in the chicken joint discussing how much Geelong had changed for the better. Those neat little bars, an actual record shop, some artsy types. A handy asian grocer around the corner and a bar full of pinball machines, then some whiny junkies shuffled past.

My favourite place to eat has officially gone to the dogs. I need to find a new Vietnamese place in Footscray near the station en route to the footy.