Favourite Comedies

The Hangover 1, 2 & 3

Wedding Crashers

Something about Mary

Dumb & Dumber

Ace Ventura 1&2

Meet The Parents
Meet The Fockers
Little Fockers




The locker room scene is a bit of an eye opener.

Victoria Silvstedt. Playboy Model.

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Gigantic… Egos!


Blazing saddles
Get Smart the movie
Back to the future
Blues brothers
Taledega nights
Shanghai noon
Life of Brian
Holy Grail


Love Blues Brothers and Shanghai Noon

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Flying High.
Blazing Saddles.
The Naked Gun.
Top Secret.
Coming to America.
History of the World Part 1.
See No Evil, Hear No Evil.
The Golden Child.
Trading Places.
Liar Liar.
Analyse This.
Austin Powers.
The Adventures of Ford Fairlane.
Cannonball Run.
Loaded Weapon.
Midnight Run.
National Lampoon Vacation.
Hercules Returns.
Good Morning Vietnam.
Team America World Police.
Major League.
American Pie.
Ace Ventura.
Hot Shots.
Robin Hood Men in Tights.
Every Which Way But Loose.
Tango and Cash.
Hudson Hawk.

That should get you through the weekend…


Few more recommendations for anyone who wants them

Wayne’s World. By far the best of that whole 90s Saturday Night Live crop
-edit- contains one of the funniest deliveries of a mid-sentence single syllable word ever

Four Lions. About (bear with me here) a group of “extremists” planning a suicide bomb attack. Written by Christopher Morris who does dark comedy better than anyone.

The Death of Stalin. Done by Armando Iannucci, who did The Thick of It and Veep and has been involved in most Alan Partridge stuff. If I had the means to do so I would give him funding to do more of these political history movies.

Coming To America. Peak Eddie Murphy.

Planes Trains & Automobiles. Such a good dynamic between Martin and Candy - neither is really the straight man nor the joke man. Bit of both each.

Mean Girls. Do not dismiss this as a chick flick. It’s a fkn 00s comedy masterpiece. Written by Tina Fey (created 30 Rock) so has heaps of OTT characters and offbeat jokes.

Will add more over the weekend when I think of them.


Opening sequence of Super Troopers

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This became such a ubiquitous meme that everyone got totally sick of him. But watching the original on a clean slate… so fkn funny.


Growing up as a kid anything with chevy chase was pretty good.


Not even Anchorman?

I thought it was hilarious. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Zoolander remains Ferrell’s best ever performance. By the length of the straight.

Love these 2 movies. Comedy/Crime.


RockNRolla fits in here too

Have you seen The Gentlemen yet?


My favourite Ferrell performance:

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No I have not but will put it on my list👍

It’s way more polished and shiny than LSTSB and ■■■■■■, but exactly the same kind of storytelling and wisecracking.

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Sounds the good.

I agree, but Federal Wildlife Marshal Willenholly (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), is closer than you’d think.

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