Favourite commentary for an essendon goal?

I reckon lots would say michael longs 93 goal but for me its gotta be 1984 grand final.

“tapped on by merrett they are full on running There is weston again with a handpass, coming over to Watson, This could be another goal IT IS!! ohhh theyre killing them!!”

Followed by that famous dance he does afterwards XD

Curious to hear your favourites?


The 2009 triple m call of anzac day and Zaka’s winner is a bit of a well worn classic.


hahaha BT “its absolutely ■■■■■■■ down here at the G!!”

Yeah its great. The Jetta fumble as the ball just won’t sit for him just before as well.

Nevermind we had slotted the last 2 prior including an absolute ripper from Ricky Dyson.


The goal before Watson’s “killing them” goal was Weston’s.
'This premiership is Sheedy’s premiership with these tremendous moves he’s made"


Also a cracker!

Another favourite of mine is the 2000 grandfinal.

“Barnes centering kick towards barnard, Barnard could kick a goal 49 metres out hes enjoying the goals today!!!”

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What was the call/commentary when SOS threw a tantrum that the umpires would not believe his word for it that it was touched?

All mine are Bruce McAvaney.

He cops a bit of stick for his passion but he is the best Australian sports commentator by the length of the Flemington straight


“fletcher to bring it back into play, goes straight down the middle lovely kick, almost to the centre of the ground. WIlliams waits at the back but its to his opposite number denham. In the middle, Now michael long look at this boy go! 50ms out, still going, 30 metres out oh! what a play! it may have been touched on the line, NO! one of the plays of the year!”

Yes im abit of a nerd, been watching everything bombers recently XD


I agree on 93 GF, 84 GF, Anzac Day 2009 (Triple M call)

I also liked the 2015 game against the Hawks rd 2 (Triple M call).

“Hooker… What the bloody hell’s he doing there… He’s kicking bloody goals”


Now, the call when Hird kicked that goal against WCE in 2004 ( the game where he did not get a Brownlow vote and was facing deregristration)


Gary Lyon collapsing into laughter when TIPPA kicks the winning goal vs Norf.


Seem to remember Fletcher kicking a goal

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this is their goal…Baker puts it through


That Michael Long run in 1993, i must of watched that at least a 100 times. Then seeing SOS’s heart break at the end just made it even more special

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Ha. i know this one off the top of my head ive seen it so many times.

“Bullen, Hird, Hird. The fairytales complete after a horror week, james hird you are a genious”


Any one that doesn’t involve that mouth breather Brian Taylor.

“THE BIG BENDER, That’s one of the biggest benders I’ve ever seen in my life”

(PS. I’m assuming you know what that is in reference to and that i am not making derogatory comments towards you)


the davey, monfries, crameri, melksham goal against geelong when we were starting to not be ■■■■.

I swear this game also had ‘BOMBERS, they have life’


Which version?

I like the TV and 3AW versions, but I keep thinking Tony Leonard is about to die on each gasp.

EDIT: video-sniped.