Favourite Essendon Clobber


Found on a beach in WA. No AFL branding anywhere.

This promises to be one of the better threads.

Get it? GET IT?


Thread needs more Dean Wallis.


Nice find.


Are you talking about the hat or the old guy in the background?

Nice hat though


Half of his kit!


You’re planning to wear a dirty used beach hat?


Looks like you’ve been snowdropping out at Tulla.


Yeah dads a photo bomber from way back.

Oh that’ll keep me.

Can you tell I’m bored in a cafe


Negative mr j.

Been wearing it for 5 years. A hobo probably bummed other hobos in it for all I know.

It was actually given to me by mrs ‘olds best mate who lives over there. She’s never liked me and she thought she was being insulting.

Metaphorically, she has been eating my balls ever since, and I take great pride in wearing it in her presence.

Fark Carlton supporter also.


my gardening cap


no afl logo is good


That photo looks like a smiling rottweiler.


Or the gimp


I hope people are not mocking my photo. That would be most hurtful.