Favourite Essendon player who was disingenuous

For mine, would have to be Paddy Ryder. Outstanding in this attribute.


Rename this “Favourite thread that should be gurged”.

Copy/paste Stallions post in here?

Hal Hunter


Glenn Manton.

Edit: Actually, probably Dean Solomon.

???Why Dean Solomon

Weeeeell, not sure if it was disingenuous or just stupid.
It’s sometimes difficult to remember that we’re talking about kids, and I use the term deliberately, in their twenties.
A football player should always be older than yourself. They used to be.

But I’m referring to the period where he openly courted a trade to Richmond. I mean, really friggin’ openly.
And then got all confused when Essendon supporters didn’t love him as much.

Really Dean?
We’re the fickle ones here?

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Clearly the late great Mervyn Neagle …

How often did he beat his oponent in a contest, cop a knock, run away with the ball and then think about it …ditch the ball and go back and have a go at the instigator !

All the same it was great to watch :slight_smile:

Sounds too ingenuous to me…

Merv was my favourite player back then.


Andrew Lovett, Ruined what could have been the best indigenous career in recent times.

Had absolutely everything.




Judd Lalich

I don’t know when disingenuous means.



Rene Kink.

I thought Kink did pretty much what could have been expected of him.
Interested in the rationale there.


This prick chopped & changed between us & Freo on a whim, depending which way the wind was blowing.

When he left us, he did so after trade week, so Freo didn’t have to give us diddly squat. Just remember that StK just gave us Pick 17 that very same trade period for an inconsistent Lovett, so it is not out of the question that Freo might have given us their pick 20 for PHcMe, as he was a Crichton medallist & had more runs on the board than Lovett (but less years, although as it turned out, he ended up playing longer than Lovett did at the Saints)

The big question is, would we have used Freo’s Pick 20 on the same bloke they did?


Yeah, . you’re right.

Rethought it pretty quick but wasn’t able to change it fast enough. Wore the sash well and would have likely been part of the 84 Flag side if not for the knee.

It’s actually a way harder question and more worthy thread than I 1st thought, and will require a bit more of said thought before answering.

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Tim Watson

Often talks as though he knows nothing. But he knows, he knows.

Could play a bit too.


I swear I read this thread title 4 or 5 times before I realised it didn’t say indigenous. Thought it must be related to the upcoming Dreamtime at the 'G match.

Did’t help that the first player was Paddy Ryder, after all he was a bit too disingenuous to be someone’s favourite indigenous player.

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Gleeson - skinniest marking backman I eva see…

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