Favourite Movie From Each Year Of The 2000s

2006 and the directors involved is crazy.

I went with The Departed(Scorsese), but geez it batted deep.

The Prestige - Nolan
Children of Men - Alfonso Cauron
The Fountain - Arronofsky
Pans Labrynth - Guillermo Del Torro
Babel - Alejandro Gonzalez Innaritu
A scanner Darkly - Richard Linklatter

Nearly all my favourite directors made a movie that year.


kung fu panda > the dark knight

trying to pick a favourite movie from 2007 is gonna be hard, one of the greatest years ever for film.

Nowhere near it IMO. They are all good entertaining movies but dark Knight was carried 100% by Ledger.

I am not a Nolan fan but even I can see the genius of that movie.

Just the opening scene alone any director would be proud of but it is scene after amazing scene.

It is a masterpiece.

Mrs Wim

2000 Gladiator
2001 Moulin Rouge (hm: A Knight’s Tale)
2002 Catch Me If You Can
2003 Love Actually
2004 Saw (hm: Anchorman)
2005 King Kong
2006 Little Miss Sunshine (hm: The Prestige)
2007 The Mist (although she will never, ever watch it again)
2008 Dark Knight (hm: Rock ‘n’ Rolla)
2009 Inglorious Basterds

2000- Gladiator (In the Mood for Love and Requiem For a Dream are other contenders)
2001- Shrek (100% genuine) (Always had a sweet spot for Dish too)
2002- The Pianist (Spider Man a close second)
2003- Master and Commander (soft spot for movies set on the sea)
2004- The Aviator (Spider Man 2 close runner up)
2005- Munich (King Kong and Ep III come close)
2006- Apocalypto(Casino Royale close runner up, so too with Borat)
2007- American Gangster (There will be blood runner up)
2008- Man on Wire (Dark Knight and Grab Torino runners up)
2009- Inglorious Bastards (nothing else comes close that year, almost the perfect movie for mine)

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No way. Ledger was top notch, but the story was insanely good. Action top notch. Acting from everyone.

Plus it had the best magic trick ever put on film

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2000 Chopper (hm High Fidelity, Almost Famous)

2001 Fellowship of the Ring (Jay & Silent Bob Srtike Back, Bully)

2002 25th Hour (Bend It Like Beckham)

2003 Kill Bill Vol 1 (The Cooler)

2004 Collateral (Man On Fire, Sideways, Garden State)

2005 A History of Violence (Sin City, Munich)

2006 The Departed (Black Book)

2007 Knocked Up (Gone Baby Gone, Superbad)

2008 Gran Torino (Hurt Locker, Zack and Miri…, Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

2009 Inglourious Basterds (Hangover, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Up in the Air)


Was it though? I reckon the fist Nolan Batman had a better story. I watched Dark Knight again recently and it all felt a bit… pointless?

I do agree though that the magic trick scene is awesome.

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Best film: unbreakable
Apologies to:cast away, gladiator, remember the Titans,men of honour is underrated as well

Best film:Black hawk down
Apologies:LOTR, monsters inc, shrek,training day, enemy at the gate

Best film:panic room
Apologies:LOTR, road to perdition(so so underrated)signs( just lost out to panic room)

Best film: pirates of the Caribbean
Apologies: LOTR ( barely loses out to pirates),seabiscuit,last samurai,x men 2,love actually, underworld
What an awesome year for great films

Best film:man on Fire
Apologies:Spider-Man 2,the village,saw,dodgeball,terminal, anchorman

Best film:Batman begins
Apologies:the island,war of the worlds

Best film:the prestige
Apologies:children of men,borat,casino Royale ,pirates dead mans chest,Rocky balboa

Best: simpsons movie
Apologies: gone baby gone, sunshine

Best:dark knight
Apologies: wall e,frost/Nixon,iron man, taken, the wrestler,hell boy 2

Best:The hangover
Apologies:zombie land,district 9( I’m still waiting for a sequel to it!)watchmen,Sherlock Holmes

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Fair enough. I just get frustrated when people say it was only a good movie becuase of ledger. I do think a Batman Begins is so underrated, great Batman film

Rumours getting around that the district 9 sequel will be going into production this year with the same director.

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That would be so sweet!

Thanks for the heads up I hadn’t read anything about that

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all i remember from district 9 is "GET AWAY FROM ME YOU FOOKING PRAWN’


2000 - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
2001 - Blow
2002 - The Bourne Identity
2003 - LOTR: Return of the King
2004 - The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
2005 - Constantine
2006 - Apocalypto
2007 - The Bourne Ultimatum
2008 - The Dark Night
2009 - Up in the Air

I fell asleep in Da Vinci Code…boring a bat ■■■■.
The book was really good!

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I prefer Hugo Blick would have been amazing…Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
Best line of all the Batman movies.

Wow a sequel.

District 9, kept thinking through the movie, why am I watching this crap, yet when it finished I had enjoyed it.

So bad, it was good. :slightly_smiling_face:. Looking forward to the sequel.

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I hope there’s not a sequel.
District 9 had things to say and it said them very well.
I can’t imagine another film being more than just a story tacked onto an already created universe.