Favourite Movie From Each Year Of The 2000s


That’s an example of someone who played it without hamming it. I’m sure there are heaps of villains who’ve just conveyed absolute evil less flamboyantly.

Edward Arnold in a swag of Capra movies, Gil McLaughlin in the saga, George McReady in Gilda…


Jack Nicholson has made a career of hamming it up.

Would be in the top 5 greatest actors of all time.

It can be done tastefully




To be fair to Gill the Dill, he is often overshadowed by his more illustrious partner in the crime that is the saga, by Fat Vlad.


Borrowing heavily from others…

2000: Gladiator/Memento
2001: Intacto
2002: Bourne Identity/About A Boy
2003: …The Last Samurai?
2004: Dodgeball
2005: World’s Fastest Indian
2006: The Prestige/Deep Water (documentary)
2007: Bourne Ultimatum/Hot Fuzz
2008: Dark Knight/Departures/Gran Torino
2009: Hangover/District 9/Moon


Billy Elliot and The Motorcycle Diaries, 2 movies I really liked, disappointed in myself that I had forgotten about them.


You’re a cnt, you’re a cnt, you’re a cnt


I recon he did a fair bit in the shadows.
Vlad wasn’t as much of the fat controller as the afl would have us believe methinks


Hang on,
Isn’t this the movie thread


I just watched the mist @wimmera1.
Thomas Jane trying really hard to impersonate Christopher Lambert.
Really slow storyline. Sorry mate I didn’t like it.
Would have been a great movie but too wordy and no rhythm for suspense. Substituting some of the movie with action of cast chopping up creatues would have worked a treat!
Was the book better than the movie?


That 900mls comment you made somewhere was ■■■■■■■ Awesome!
Still giggling :grin::grin::laughing:


‘We are the real monsters.’


But watching paint dry…


Short story with an entirely nihilistic ending; I certainly enjoyed it.


Just watching Requiem for a dream now.
It’s really messed up! Good thought provoking.