FC vs EFC at the Mutually Crapola Guys venue - predicted Result and Reason

…team is out. Love to hear your opinion as to what is going to happen.

For me. FC by 13 points in an ugly game. Razzle Dazzle to keep us close.

…game plan

…something something confusion

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They wanted it more.


I decided to go. I expect to see a truly substandard game, another 5-0 third quarter, and FC get their first win of the year.

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We will win ugly.

Unless Worsher tanks worser than ever.


The first game I’ll miss in years.
I’m expecting a phenomenal smashing… us by 107

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McKernan 4 goals
Essendon by 14 points

Cripos to be hailed the best in the comp by a country mile.

low scoring game. we look even worse when its wet.

a loss and a club crisis. im not even going to complain about it on here.

I expect us to set up better since after so many games there has to be a pattern emerging and it should become clearer what the problem is (despite utterances in press conferences that they don’t).

Knowing that the opposition teams and the media and blind Freddie have worked out how to beat us, they will have adjusted their game style/plan to avoid falling into the trap they are falling into. This just has to happen.

We should play more direct as the players will now avoid doing the excessive handball.

Orazio will give us run and spark, and McKenna, Smith, Saad will follow suit.

McKernan will play well.

We’ll win the 3rd quarter.

We’ll win by 28 points and be left wondering what it all really means.


Your scenario is every bit as likely as mine.

That’s the problem with Essington.

Wet weather?

We’re farked

Indeed. I could easily have gone the we fark up scenario.

To be honest, I have no confidence to know what will happen. It may be better to expect the worst and anything better than that is a plus.


That usually just frustrates me even more & makes me more angrier.

Now it’s very little rain, if any at all. Which will suit our exceptional dry weather skills.



It’ll be a scrap for a while, but I think we’ll win.
I’d say something like a 30 point win will do.

Hopefully we don’t let their loose man in defence go nuts.

whether we win or lose, could we at least show some fight and spirit?


In a match displaying Under 10’s skill levels:
Carlton 6.9
Essendon 4.13

In the post-match press conference, Woosha to say he was pleased with the team’s endeavour this week, and that we’re working towards becoming a great side.


It will be bleak and windy even if it doesn’t rain much during the game. Carlton to win an atrocious standard game by 16 points: 9.13 to 6.15.

Older players to play like geriatrics. Our emergencies to be in the bests in the 2s


Efc 14.11 95
Carl 13.16 94

Carlton Cripps, Simpson, Curnow, Curnow,

Essendon Merrett, Smith, Heppell, Fantasia,

Carlton Curnow 5, Wright 3, Petrevski-Seton 2, Garlett, McKay, Kreuzer

Essendon Stringer 3 Stewart 2 Fantasia 2, Tippa, Smith, McKernan, Bellchambers, Laverde, Hurley, McKenna

Carlton by around 37