With al the craziness going on around us right now, might be better to lighten the mood a little around here. Right now, l am having 3 kilos of raisins made into fruit pies. The little pie shop l found locally will make them for about 50 cents each. l did a test run on them about 2 weeks ago, and half a kilo of fruit made 25 pies. l soaked the fruit in wine and honey, but the fruit didn’t need any honey, it was already sweet enough. This time around l have used a litre of red wine, some brandy and a dash of cognac, as well as some blueberry and apple juice for volume. It looks like that will make about 150 fruit pies, and l will have to take a suitcase or even two to transport them. l am giving one to each of the people l work with at our Christmas party this afternoon. l am hoping the little pie shop will start making fruit pies on a regular basis, to give them a new product, at the moment the only sweet pie they have is red bean, which is fairly forgettable. These pies are about the same size as a regular meat pie in Oz, but half as deep, they look like a big Eccles cake, but the pastry isn’t quite as flaky. Their best pie, is lamb, and no pie is more than about $1, and l am one of their best customers, which is one reason why they are happy to make this special order of fruit pies. Apparently they are a franchise, part of a chain, but l have never seen another shop, nor seen any other type of pie shop around.

l am also performing at the Christmas party this afternoon. l work with 7 girls and they were going to do a dance routine. Then the girl who worked out the choreography resigned. l had rewritten a song based on Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around, called Stop Riding My Bike Around, to perform as a duet with the one girl who doesn’t dance. When the dance number fell through, the girls decided they would join us for the song. Should be a bit of fun, but it will be sloppy, as we have only had one rehearsal, and we are supposed to go on first. The whole thing is being recorded for a giggle. l can post the reworked lyrics in the Blitz cycling thread, for those who are interested.

What are your plans?

Have a great time CJ, sounds like it will be a good day.

Going to Melbourne this afternoon, Christmas Eve dinner, back tomorrow, then going to Kerang races on Boxing Day.