Final Round Non Essendon Games



Is that legit?

That could become Melbourne’s “Winning Streak” DVD


Kennedy choked the Coleman how many does franklin have now?


Swans are a much much better team than Port


how many weeks in the 8 for Melb and compared to WC, Bombers?


Lol Melbourne




Saw it in Melbourne’s mentions. Must’ve been a legit promo image during the week




To be fair if that was us it would be Armageddon about now.


West Coast have a very good record in Adelaide and actually love coming here.


About the only people in Australia who do


Great - knock out Port, that would be sweet.


Great thing is by week 2 either Richmond or cats will be out in straight sets or swans will be out. Good news




Melbourne fans experience the china syndrome.



Just wow

And to think I couldn’t hate that ■■■■ stain of a club anymore


Still thinking on this.

St Kilda at least did actually go on a winning streak.



l am well aware of the results. l am also aware as l am sure you are that we comprehensively beat Wet Toast. The point is your support is somewhat less than enthusiastic.