Finals 2020

Elimination Finals

West Coast vs Collingwood (Perth)
St Kilda vs Footscray (Adelaide Apparently)

Qualifying Finals

Brisbane vs Richmond (Brisbane)
Port vs Geelong (Adelaide)

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Hope West Coast ■■■■■■■ rinse Collingwood.

Finals in the Non Essendon Forum. Yep that’s about right.


Would be nice if bris smashed the tigers for once


I think I’d prefer a Brisbane - Port GF. A meaningless result to 2 meaningless teams.

Don’t want Rich, Coll, WCE, Geel, WBD anywhere near it. (approx in that order). StK I don’t even care, so I guess I wouldn’t mind them surviving a couple of weeks if it meant sending some more hated team out in straight sets.

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■■■■ Brisbane.

The only one i could deal with and not care who wins would be Port vs St Kilda.


Seems reasonable.

And yeah I can certainly get on board with the FK Brisbane, attitude, but I know stuff all Brisbane supporters, so I could pretend it didn’t happen (which is my preferred situation for the entire season)

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Yep. Brisbane Bulldogs GF for me.
Hopefully Brisbane win.
That way I’ll barely hear about it.

Im almost at an anyone but Richmond point.

Sick of seeing bandwagon ■■■■■ walk around with tags still on their tigers merch.


The Bulldogs can absolutely go and get ■■■■■■


Mods please gurge.


Not a looker amongst 'em.

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Saints had a whinge about going to Adelaide.

WOB will appreciate this even if the rest of you don’t

Collingwood to win by a point, kicking a goal after the siren from a dodgy free kick accidentally paid by Margetts in front of the ferals cheer squad

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And rightly so…the AFL told clubs who won the right to host the game that they could nominate their ground of choice.

Why would St Kilda want to travel to Adelaide?

Collingwood are the best at going interstate with their backs against the wall and grinding out a narrow win, they’ve done it countless times and I wouldn’t be shocked if they do it again

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Look at the positive, we won’t get smashed next week.

I can’t see Collingwood or St Kilda getting very far, but any of the other 6 could do it. Brisbane have the big advantage of playing at home. I’d like to see Footscray pinch another one, but if I were betting I would probably put my money on Richmond.