Finals Bye Week Watchalong Tonight 8PM

Finals feel to the vote for this one. Avoiding the obvious ones like GFs and the 93 prelim.

Votes close Friday 5PM

  • 1993 SF vs West Coast
  • 1983 PF vs North
  • 1984 Stirling Cup Final vs Bin Chickens
  • 1983 Reserves GF vs Collingwood

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So some reminders/rules for those joining the watchalong tonight.

No Spoilers (If you REALLY must talk about the game use spoiler tags)
Start your video at 8pm on the dot
No spoilers, Post as if its a live match thread (its all part of the fun)
Pause as soon as the siren goes at the end of each quarter
We’ll have a 10 min break at the end of each quarter
Ill place a time stamp on when to resume your video along with a restart time
Have some fun


Voted for 1993.

Only final from 1993 finals i haven’t watched in full

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I vote Adelaide vs Essendon 2009

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I vote for the Adelaide-Melbourne Grand Final rematch.

Post reported

93 with a comfy lead.

Get your votes in if you’d like to join in.

Vote is pretty one sided for this one :laughing:

Tonight at 8 if you’d like to join in :slightly_smiling_face:

I have that '84 Night Cup against the Swans on VHS (Name a Game Video).

Man…i really am a tragic.

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93 it is.

Details to come.

Looks at video image: too soon, man, too soon.

Don’t make me quit again.


Lol joining us tonight?

I expect Melbourne/Adelaide will be slightly better quality than yesterday’s Scum/Filth.

Looking forward to seeing how kickett goes tonight. Type of bloke who might win us a grand final.

Edit: just realized I’m ■■■■ at doing spoilers


Get through this and we’ll rinse the crows next week.

If we get another shot at FC we’ll roll them

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Kids these days, so entitled. Have you ever even seen us win a premiership?

We finished top three years ago, look what that got us!


Its also great to see the core of last years reserve flag so deep into a finals push already


Let’s hope Essendon turn up and not Essington!

That John Worsfold Might make a good coach one day.

Go Dons. Let’s get it done!

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2 kicks, 0 tackles in this game for Johnny. Outstanding leadership in a knock out final…

Fk yeah I did it!