Finals: Predictions

Port get up by 43, plenty good enough to pound the Cats.

GWS by 26
Melbourne by 14
Dons by 16

Sydney 8pts (will be barracking for GWS though)

Melbourne 27pts (Joe won’t touch it)

Essendon by 14pts

@SMJ closest to the pin after the first game. Port by 43 pts where as SMJ had 35 pts.

To note he has the Swans by 17 vs the GWS, let’s see how it pans out.

2 from 2 so far for results, but not margins.

3 from 3.

Just sayin’…

It can’t be too hard, I’m on 3 as well. I think you have me covered on the points range. I see we both have the Bombers so let’s hope for a grand slam.

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3/4 Damn. It hurt to watch that.

This week.
Dogs 26
Cats by 14 (mainly due to Toby Greene*, who is going to be suspended). * l reserve the right to change this tip, in the unlikely event that he somehow gets off.

Giants by 13 points ( wishful thinking)
Bulldogs by 14 points.

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Giants and Lions

Nothing surer I reckon.

The cats are cooked, particularly without Stewart.

Dogs will find the rough end of the umpiring stick and lack of conditions conducive to their footy style.

That and Brisbane won’t lose on their home deck. Absolutely lethal attack they have.

Then it’s what Port v Brisbane and Dees v Giants in the prelims?

I’ll go Dees and Brisbane granny in Perth.

Dees to win the flag

I think Cats and Doggies win.

Cats frequently lose their first final and then hit back.

Brisbane’s forward structure is looking shaky and their defence was pretty poor. I think Doggies win.

Dees vs Cats
Port vs Doggies

What, not saved by Darcy’s little brother? After all, their medical staff are supposed to have ‘fixed’ him. Apparently, we couldn’t.

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Forgot to predict for the Prelims.
FWIW l would have said Dees by about 6 goals. The result was beyond anyone;s wildest dreams.

Tonight Port by 30 - 40. Doggies a bit beaten up by now.

Reckon Port win tonight by between 2-3 goals, but man, would it be nice to see them choke it up.

The f*cking us over re Ryder.
Kochie’s saga commentary.
Hinkley isn’t that likable either.

Go Dogs…

God no.

Let em have their prelim win and then have their pants pulled around their ankles in the granny.

A perfectly reasonable Plan B

Cmon RAZ

Kick a bloody bag

Vote 1 The Meteorite.

Everyone gets covid and it’s called off

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Where is Orazio?