Fixture 2019


When was the last time we played Carlton once in a season?


This year




Yep. Away to Freo and Suns. If you had to ask for interstate trips to finish the season, they would be them.


“Hubert Cumberdale… you smell of soot and poo”…


Prior to this year obviously


Edited my comment. Sorry. Meant I thought we had Port away. I think there’s another trip over to WA not long before that too


Caro whinged to Gil!!


Nah, Adelaide.


The new “AFL darlings”?


So from my reading, we’re:

  • Playing 3 finalists twice (Collingwood, GWS, Sydney)
  • Playing 1 of the next best twice (North)
  • Playing a bogey away team from outside the eight twice (Freo)
  • Playing ZERO games against the bottom 4
  • Have SIX interstate matches
  • Have seven 6 day breaks
  • Have a 5 day break

On face value, that seems pretty rubbish, other than avoiding finalists.

Editted for several inaccuracies around last year’s ladder


Lol. Maybe I should read the thing again.


Agree Wim. Reckon it’s as difficult as they could’ve made it for us. Still, if we’re good enough, we should do enough to at least make the 8 IMO.


Have a family show I have to attend on Sunday 19th May so I’ll be pretty annoyed if our Saturday night fixture against Freo is moved to the crappy 1pm Sunday slot. Not knowing until the week before makes it hard to book flights


I’m fairly happy with the FIXture apart from the opening game. A few unusual surprises with games vs Syd and Bris at the G. Suits me as an interstate MCC member.

Its a balanced run - no real challenging periods and the Anzac Day period seems fairly balanced (with 3 days extra break over Gee the following week and Pies get an extra day but are travelling back from qld).

Im only peeved with Tigers getting gifted another great run despite finishing 3 games clear on top this year, and Cats getting 9 games at Geelong. Richmond are already locked into the Top 4 and Cats locked into the 8 based on their draws as a result.

Based on our draw, Id be annoyed with anything less than 14 wins. Should be looking at 15-16.


Folks saying it’s a tough fixture need to remember that this year we had what looked like a pretty decent draw with return games against Hawthorn and Collingwood. Those teams elevated themselves to top 4 and we ended up with 7 matches against top 4 sides.

I’m not complaining about any fixture that sees us only drawing one top 4 opponent from this year twice.



They’re not moving a night match to dead time on a Saturday afternoon.


Marvel is booked out for A-league GF. If either of the Melbourne teams make the GF our game will be transferred from Saturday night to Sunday 1pm


On what authority do you have that? Because I’d be astounded if the owner of the stadium were to give a leg up to the A League by vacating their own stadium.

Oh and ■■■■ that minnow pissant competition.