Fixture 2019


I was chatting to a bloke involved at Port less than an hour ago and they are due to play the Suns at AO at 1pm Sunday and have been advised by the AFL that Marvel is booked out and that in the possibility of a Melbourne team in the GF our fixture with Freo would be swapped with theirs.

  • Port v Suns would go to Sat night and we go to Sunday 1pm




Can anyone tell me how to download the ecal fixture into my work outlook calendar. As it is work I cannot register with Microsoft. Previously I had downloaded it and then imported it but don’t seem to be able to do that this year. Thanks in advance,


MCG games per club


More or less right, except that sydney played finals.


The 5 day break heading up to play Sydney at the SCG is the only but I thinks a bit rough. Especially as the match before is the Sunday twilight.

Otherwise pretty decent draw.


Sydney finished in finals, didn’t they??


I agree it’s sounds bizarre but perhaps the A-league is locked into a long term deal or something. Can only go on what I was told so who knows


Think he was hypothesising where the sides will be next year. The premise being that Pies and Giants would be something close to finals locks and the Swans and Norf will be in the group vying for the bottom of the 8.


Fair point, given that freo also weren’t bottom 4.


This situation has emerged before and the AFL’s stance was that they wouldn’t be moving the game that was scheduled should their be a clash, think it was a Bulldogs game from memory. Maybe the A League have since put the booking in place to ensure it’s not even a question in the future.


How on earth do the minor premiers in 2018 (2017 premiers) get the 13th ranked fixture?? FFS


Wouldn’t read much into that. They have ranked Geelong harder than Collingwood, for example.


I heard the reason for the delayed release of the fixture was that Fark Carlton were worried their brand would be trashed by having too much exposure. So the AFL had to reschedule five Friday night delights.


Because they’re theoretically better than 17 other clubs?


Reckon the AFL really want Collingwood, Richmond and us all in the finals.


Forget it. I know why. AFL still underwriting AFLW etc, need the Richmond crowds to keep turning up in numbers to boost the coffers. Also explains why they’ve given us & Collingwood “blockbuster” fixtures. Us playing NM on Good Friday virtually guarantees a sell out. Ditto Hawks game at Marvel. More eyes on TV & 48,000 at the games. Makes sense in monetary terms.


This is how champion data ranked the 2018 fixture. Collingwood going from best to worst.


the CD chart is only based on 2018 Points Differential. Geelong are rated as a tougher opponent than the Pies, even though nobody would actually believe that. Salt grain.


Things I like:

  • Night games. Allows for less clashes with VFL/VFLW games.
  • Opening home match against the Saints - perfect setting to honour Goddard, if he doesn’t play on.
  • Something different - Lions and Swans at the G.
  • Home game against FCFC
  • Only one game against Richmond and West Coast.

Things I don’t like:

  • Good Friday. I’d prefer it if we weren’t playing.
  • Six day breaks (How many can we flipping well have!?!?!) Crowy and his crew will earn their money in the first half of the season.