Fixture 2019


The Kangaroo Jack with the first full of cash is pretty funny too…




And absolute arm chair ride with umps

No wonder Eddie kissed Gil on head after prelim win

Pies got a huge leg up this year


Righteo Robbo


Nope, I was remembering wrong! Sydney were so pathetic in their final in my memories they just missed…

Ok, can we stop pointing out how my vague, don’t care about opposition, memories of where everyone finished up were wrong? Hmm?



Most important things in that draw to me is that the first 5 rounds and the last 5 rounds are pretty good. Come out of the first 5 with 4 wins and we can build momentum for the more difficult rounds in the middle. And if we’re still touch and go for finals or top 4, the last 5 rounds should help.


Five day break is the new six day break.


Great run home…apart from the filth in the last round.


Did anyone else notice there is no St Essington Day next year?


Play 2 Interstate games in a row, not good.


Last 5-6 rounds are pretty soft but remember they were too in 2017 and we still hit the finals in ordinary shape. Hopefully we reach that point like a mother farking steam train


Considering GC will be fielding a VFL team, it doesn’t really count


Travelling 2 weeks in a row does though.


Why is the round 23 fixture still a “floating” fixture given there’s a week off leading into finals? Surely it’s a TV guide only, channel 7 basically cherry picking the games that will still have some meaning and leaving all the dead rubbers to fox who actually pay a bigger share of the tv money. Weird.


As I’ve said before, it’s now just another tool for the AFL to try and manufacture the outcomes they want.


9 day break into the worst side in the comp. meh.


Everything they do is based around TV, it wasn’t the general public jumping up and down about the state of the game, it was the TV execs looking at their declining ratings.

This fixture is all about ratings and if the TV execs had their way the whole fixture would be floating so they could maximise rating every single week.


Agreed. They have Saints with the easiest draw but it actually doesn’t look too flash honestly.


It’s all relative. When you stink as much as they do of course your fixture will look hard.


I had a look at the lead up games, since managing loads is important. And I think the lead up to those two interstate games is fine. There is an 8 day break between the Adelaide and Suns games.

West Coast Thurs AWAY

GWS Thurs HOME 7 days

Sydney Sat HOME 9 days

North Sat HOME 7 days


SUNS Sun AWAY 8 days

Port Sat HOME 6 days

Wes Bull Sat HOME 7 days