Fixture 2019


Getting Shiel was gold! I think all that’s missing is fit Joedan and a possible fill in Ruckman
Feeling confident chat later.


The Fark Carlton troll is GOLD


The Port one was good too.


First game against the Swans at the 'G since 2004. Will be only the second time in the Docklands era we do this. Before that we played them last in 1999, twice: the Qual. Final and Rd 3 when Lloydy kicked 13.4.


Similarly to Swans, the Brisbane game at the 'G is the first time since 2009 and, again, only the second time in the Docklands era that we have played them at there if you don’t count the 2001 GF - which I don’t! Prior to that, it was only once in 1997 and 1998 that we have done this match-up at 'G.


Hosting Brisbane & Sydney at the MCG will actually be a positive as both records there are inferior to their Docklands record.

I would rather Hawthorn at Docklands too. They play the MCG too well. So a plus.

6 day break issue? Irrelevant. Out of the 7 I counted, 4 of those teams have the same 6 day break heading into our game against them. The other 3 teams have a 1 day ‘longer break’.

Back to back interstate games are not ideal but a healthy 8 day break between Adelaide & what is expected to again be a fairly straight forward trip to the Gold Coast late next year.

We play Fremantle in Perth later in the year for once… generally when their season is done and dusted and confidence shot. Also the Bulldogs who have given us headaches in recent times… but a ‘home’ game this time.

Melbourne in Round 3 at the MCG is pretty much season defining. They did start fairly slowly this year however before getting it together against us in our annual post ANZAC Day slumber.


I don’t often give credit to Ess media, but they have done a stellar job with that Netflix video. You actually have to go through it and pause on each image to adequately take it all in, but there is some fabulous work in there that @Bomb_Doe would be proud of (and of course also some that he wouldnt…)

Round 8 v Sydney - Essendon lifeguards featuring X
Round 9 v Carlton - feat Jackets and the Learjet
Round 21 v Bulldogs featuring an image of Woosha that is almost certainly going to end up as someone’s new profile pic


One of the 6 day breaks is against West Coast in Perth when they have an 11 day break. That one and the Sydney game are going to be really tough.
But I agree that the 6 day breaks are going to be irrelevant.

Also of note…there are 5 games where our opponents have a 6 day break and we have either 7 or 8. So we certainly can’t complain about short breaks

It’s actually a 9 day break between those games.

Agree with this. We’ll be a much better chance in these games than we were in 2018

Not sure why it’s season defining. I guess it could set us up well. But if we lose it in a close one I won’t be losing any sleep.

If you give us 3 wins in the first 4 rounds now, I’d take it and run.


By the way RoCo’s formula (which has proven to be reasonably accurate over the years) has us with the 4th most difficult draw.


Have to agree - the way that was put together was fkg awesome


There was a lot of Doe (perhaps not quite up to his level, but that’s hardly a criticism)/blitz humour.
Which is awesome.


We hate 6-day breaks. I would love to look at stats of our performance off 6 day breaks. That’s what scares me with the first half of the fixture.

The season could be over before we blink…again.


Season just gone:

Lost to Melbourne off 4 day break (they had 5)
Lost to Hawks off 6 day break
Beat Gold Coast off 6 day break
Beat Sydney off 6 day break
Beat St Kilda off 6 day break


I actually think our 6 day break problems in the past (if they were a problem) related to our relatively weak midfield and the fact our better midfielders were probably overworked and the short break affected them.

Now with our good midfield, the load should be spread and it won’t be a problem.


I just went through and did this for my own interest. Not sure if others will find it as interesting as me but the results were surprising to me given how many short breaks we seem to have.

Games where opposition have longer break leading in to the match than us – 7

Games where we have longer break leading in to the match than the opposition – 13

Games where we have the same break leading in as opposition/ break is irrelevant due to it being round 1 or both clubs coming off a mid-season bye – 2


It’s the consecutive 6-day breaks that are the problem I think.


Looking forward to round 3 v Dees on Friday night at the G, feels like a proper anticipated Friday night blockbuster already.

And Saturday arvo 2:10 v Lions at the G for some odd reason.


The dig at Geelong’s aging list is good as well.


They’re not walking there.


Round 4: Brisbane Lions at MCG, Saturday April 13 at 2.10pm (Home)
Round 16: Sydney Swans at MCG, Saturday July 6 at 1.45pm (Home)

Saturday arvos at the 'G.