Fixture 2019


At the G no less. They’ll be harder to beat than GWS IMO.


Against interstate opponents. Plenty of seats to found.


No atmosphere

From my point of view 4 home games at the G and 7 at Marvel is shitee.


If we’re rolling at that stage there’ll be atmosphere a plenty, and still min 60k in. Good one for the kids though with a bit more space, probs take the 4y/o to those games.

We’re gonna be a bit like Richmond if we get rolling next year. We’ll pulling huge crowds against everyone.


You get the atmosphere from walking through the MCG grounds on an Autumn and (hopefully pleasant) Winter Saturday afternoon.
If you can’t dig that, then…I dunno…


We were rubbish when Melbourne beat us.

Essendon were are totally different team in the second half of 2018 with the addition Shiel I say we are good chance of beating them


I don’t go to the footy for the trees.

I love the G, but love it more when there is 85000 plus vs Hawthorn, Richmond, Pies, Scum. Rather always play Sydney at the Dome, so I can relive booing Goodes and recall him missing that goal.


You’re under rating Melbourne. They were a significantly improved side by finals time than they were when we stunk it up against them. That’ll be an uphill battle based on most recent exposed form.


Because that feels like it’s the 90s all over again


100%. Those are the games I miss, playing interstate teams at the G. As someone said (think SMJ), clearly the AFL has had a blew with the MCC and given 2 of our home games against those clubs. That’s fine as we probably make more on 45000 vs Hawks at Etihad than 65000 vs them at the G.

Hopefully both of those teams don’t suddenly find form at the G and we can get the 2 wins


I like it too, feels old school. 2001 GF redemption!


if we are winning there will be atmosphere
if we are winning really well the place will rocking

if we are getting beaten then 10,000 or 90,000 - it can be a lonely place regardless


Yep. We gonna win. It’s gonna be a sight to behold.*

*This may or may not be true…


what round to we roll out ‘blockbuster fatigue’ ?


1/4 time of ANZAC Day is my guess


I ain’t gonna tire of being 3 goals up against those ■■■■■.*

*this may or may not actually happen.


I’m so looking forward to premierships fatigue.


I think Anzac Day and the Country Game are two weeks in a row so probably then.


Before or after Sidebottom has 40 touches and a couple of goals from 1m out?


Good Friday, Anzac Day, Country Game all run back to back to back.