Fixture 2019


REACTION HAWTHORN president Jeff Kennett has lashed out at the club’s 2019 fixture, saying it did not reflect the Hawks’ status as one of most successful clubs of the modern era



Jeff ain’t short on the old entitlement…




Tried to sync JLT VFL and AFL fixture to my ICal, but it only did the AFL one. Anyone else have this problem?


Well, the VFL hasn’t announced their fixture yet… hopefully when it arrives this calendar also includes the VFLW.


Yeah, that makes sense. But the JLT has been announced. Anyway, only really concerned about the VFL and AFL one. Will see.


Kennett’s melt makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Here’s a tip jeff: Get some fans who actually turn up and you might get some marquee games.


Just watched the Essflix again - pausing on each one- it’s ■■■■■■ brilliant.


You sell your home games, I don’t care if it’s to Darwin or China or New Zealand or Ballarat or Tasmania…you’re a minnow.
Deal with it, Jeff.




There’s going to come a time, I’m not saying tomorrow or next year but eventually, when one of these clubs just isn’t sustainable anymore.
Ten years ago I’d never have credited it, but it could be Carlton.
It could be North or St Kilda or the Bulldogs, and it absolutely could be Hawthorn.

And before the saga I’d have moaned about the history and tradition and so on.
Now I will dance on their grave.


It wont be Hawthorn. It’s unlikely to be Carlton.

Dogs, Saints and Norf. ■■■■ em all off.


The Velcros were easily outnumbered by Melbourne Clubbers in the semi final


Working arvo shift is a real pain in the ■■■ with all the Thursday and Friday night games. Looks like I will be using up all my sick leave next year. But it’s good to see us back on the big stage.


Jeff not happy. Is Don, is good!


I don’t want to see them fold. I just want to see them squirm for a while.


Poor Jeffy maybe he and Clarko need to have a cuppa and a chat with Gill.


Get rid of GC also and go to a 26 week home and away season. I like it.


So it was the Hawks who apparently delayed the fixture announcement by a day. Had a sook to Gil about not getting marquee games so had the Round 16 Friday night SA Showdown taken away and given to Hawthorn v Collingwood instead


It will be the Saints before the other two. The bounce of a ball in front of that former EFC VFL premiership player may have been the nail… Fk Collingwood.