Fixture 2019


Jeez I hate those ■■■■■ so much!


What a surprise that an extraordinary change was caused by the AFL pandering to Hawthorn.


So even after the AFL pander to them, Kennett still comes out whinging. Typical


Won’t be Carlton, they are still bank rolled by Visy and have very wealthy people following the club.

Hope it’s norf


I want to see them bleed…

Then die


That’s ridiculous- all of those clubs you want to fold are inherently linked to EFC.


I’m Fkg sick of him torching us every Fkg time. Any chance woosha watched the GF & understood the value of sending a stopper to him? Yeah, I highly doubt it too.


AFL to Norf

You have 2 options -

  1. Move to Tasmania permanently and play all of your home games there. OR
  2. Thanks for playing. You’re costing us too much money and we’ve had enough. Bye for now and forever.


I take it this is in a fantasy world where the State takes over the AFL subsidies, and someone actually has the wherewithal to actually do something that hurts Hawthorn.


Didn’t we supposedly have an easy draw this year (at the start) which turned into a hard draw by the end of the year? The only thing that really ■■■■■■ me off is the 5 day break playing Sydney away on Friday, surely could have just moved it to Saturday.

Happy w’re playing Melbourne at the G too.




One could only hope. Fark Hawthorn too!

Bunch of dodgy @#$%s


or just swapped the Sunday game v Geelong in the previous round with the Saturday Melbourne v Hawthorn game.
Is it because of the $$$$s in the eyes of the AFL? (or maybe Hawthorn just told the AFL they didn’t want to)


Our fixture is tough and i think even @BLOODSTAINED_DEVILS and @Deckham will struggle to think we will go 22-0.

A fit JD and Shiel clicking straight away, I reckon 18-4 given we only play Carlton and Brisbane once


Bit disappointed the only qld game is a twighlight sunday at metricon. Crappola.


Here you go, Jeff:



I thought black ones were meant to be bigger?


It’s a myth perpetrated by Hollywood.

(The other Hollywood)

Also: probably not a myth.


Once you go black


Is it OK to be white,the modern world is so confusing