Fixture 2019


R19 - Sunday twilight v Suns at Metricon

11-point (as in, by 11 behinds) fall over the line type win coming up


Kinda like the last round vs Collingwood in 2000?


Except no repeat of the week before that please!


I’ll cop that game in the overall scheme of things…


Need an Undertaker Wrestlemania type streak!


Happy EFC have 22 games - The rest is irrelevant.




Is the country game really a blockbuster/ marquee game?


No. I’d like to see us play GWS around the Easter each year if it works eg as an opener for the Ag show in Sydney.


With the AFL refusing to make the fixture even by playing 17 matches each year, why don’t they just make the top 6 teams from the year before play each twice the following year. And so on for teams 7-12 and 13-18. Would remove all questions of fairness and you’d know who you were playing twice the next season as soon as the current season was over.


You work for the AFL don’t you ?

  1. 17 games wouldn’t be fair. We’d never play Sydney in Melbourne. Oh wait, no diff.

  2. the draw is deliberately lopsided, both for commercial and overt balance reasons.

It was technically easy to make a relatively fair draw back when there 16 teams (via two divisions) but much less so now.


There is already a deliberate bunching of teams by sixes. It’s not complete, because derbies etc are more important.

We’d only play Collingwood, for example, once in 2019 if you were strict on that


They should be strict on that.


Yep. I agree.


If you wanted to keep strictly to the group of 6 you finished in, you just play every team once and the other 5 teams in your group of 6 twice.

It will never happen though as you would rarely get the 4 derbies being played twice a year


What’s more important, the integrity of the competition, or money?

oh, wait.


Meh the best teams make the 8…regardless of the draw.

Although I reckon the bye pre finals waters down the top 4 advantage.




nuffs gonna nuff