Fixture 2019



Without Joe’s 5.8 we converted at 75%! Nice.


Just give us the cup already and start 2020


5/10 Watch Replay button does not work.


29 days before the season kicks off in anger, 32 for Essendon.

Interesting first 8 games. After GWS, 2 6 day breaks before an 8 day break to play Brisbane at the G. Then another sequence of 2 6 day breaks before taking on the Cats after 10 days. Of course, the 5 day “rest” before playing away to the Swans defies logic but hey, it’s the AFL (‘nuff said).

Giants: 2018 interstate form great - win
Saints: have dominated them lately - win
Dees: 50/50 - win
Lions at the G: win
North: high scoring affair? - win
Pies: who knows!? - loss
Cats: seem to have their measure - win
Swans: rebuilding year for them? - win

Potentially, Essendon could be 7:1 (8:1 after playing Freo at Marvel) before they face their bogey team the Tiges.

Actually, Essendon could be 9:2 (playing Carlton after the Tiges) going into the bye? Wonder what the odds are for that?


Sounds good to me.


Where the fark did this pessimism come from?


I don’t want us to start the season with Woosha saying

“well it’s clearly disappointing and I don’t know why it’s gone wrong the last 4 weeks. We have a lot of work to do to get things right. Players seem flat. But we hope to turn it around on the training track.”


13 years of embarrassment / substandard performances on the iconic day will do that to a person.


I’ll take 8 and 3.
Anything less and I’m lid on!


Getting a win on Anzac Day against the Pies is rare as hens teeth.

Essendons’ home game this year hope we flog them and out number the ■■■■■


That would be our best start to a season since 2000.


Don’t think so, 2013, 2012 and 2001.


Where’s the best place at the Adelaide oval for Essendon supporters?


The Exit aisles early in the last.


Definitely on the hill, wearing full regalia and barracking vociferously and loquaciously.


thank you good sir, but did you by any chance read that as
"Where’s the best place at the Adelaide oval for Essendon supporters to die?


“This is the hill I shall die on”…


They are ■■■■■■■.
At worst you might get a beer thrown over you or a pie bounced off the back of your head


Quiet day today Doe?