Fixture discussions


Joke if we have to play Freo in Perth again. Since 2005 we’ve played them
there 12 out of 13 seasons.


Gotta get AFLX fixtures done first.


At the very least we should mark the occassion with a cup.

The Lloyd:Lucas - Delaney:Kickett:Ridley Trophy.


Freo can get stuffed.
Absolutely sick of us playing them over there every year.


We were Fremantles first home game at the waca in 95. Were you their @Diggers?


Funnily enough we’ll have to do the same again in 2 years time for Port Adelaide as we were there first home game in 97.


Geez just looking through the 97 fixture in its entirety and I’d forgotten how often we were fixtured on Sunday arvo’s.

No one seemed to complain about them back then, though there was no real outlet for it if people did bar talk back radio.


or for Richmond fans they dumped manure on the front steps.


His membership ticket kicked in for round 6.


When is the fixture released?


Any truth we are playing the Dogs in round 1 to open Marvel?


That’s consistent with what has just been posted in the empire strikes back thread


Imagine just absolutely molesting them by 130 points to commence our flag run


I’ll just imagine beating them for the first time in, what, four years?
That’s a pretty big dream.